help don't understand

my boyfriend went for some tests for disability , the first dr wanted to send him to th er cause his bp and heart rate was sky high. (of cores he refused. He had to go for tests on his lungs. He told me his fev was at 66% that's the part I need help with. I know his lungs are always filled with water I can hear it . can some one explain the fev part to me, I was not able to go with him so I couldn't ask questions thanks

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  • hope this helps and try not to worry, if you want to ring the blf up in the morning at 9amand chat to one of the nurses, the number is, 03000 030 555,,xx

  • hi from what i can gather the fev 1 rate should be around 80% my hubby has copd and his is around 66%

    in hubbys case it means his lungs are restricted ...because of the copd

  • The fev1 rate is how much air you can blow out in 1 second. Over 80% means you haven't got COPD and normal healthy people should be higher than this. A fev1 (forced expiry volume) of 66% means moderate COPD ie he has roughly 2 3rds lung function. I presume his diagnosis is COPD?

    Your bf needs to take his lungs seriously and look after them. Having water on them can cause all sorts of problems ie a collapsed lung so he needs to get it sorted. Hope this helps. x

  • Hello Venusmarut,welcome to our friendly forum.It sounds like your boyfriend needs to see a pulmonary specialist.If he smokes get him to stop as that,s the worst thing for him to be doing.The FEV reading is how much air one can blow out of ones lungs.I have severe emphysema and my fev is only 19%.Good luck to you both!D.

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