I have been advised to take Actimel while taking antibiotics, to help the stomach/digestive system, because the antibiotics are so strong. (I have Bronchiectasis with colonised Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.) What I would be interested to know is does anybody else take it on a regular basis? I know that Bronchiectasis sufferers often have digestive problems and bloating, in particular, is a problem. I have lost a lot of weight since diagnosis and presume that digestion is one of the reasons - I simply can't eat too much! Does anyone have any experience of this? I'd be extremely grateful for any feedback.

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My husband suffers with severe COPD and is regularly on antibiotics which seriously affect his stomach (particularly as he has suffered with a stomach ulcer in the past). When he is taking antibiotics I also make him eat copious amounts of natural bio (live) yoghurt. In view of his stomach problems - bloating etc. he takes actimel every day and he definitely notices the difference when not on it. Good Luck, TAD xx

Hi, I have digestive problems too. The Actimel's useful ingredient is acidophilus (as Tad says, also to be found in live yoghurt. You can buy acidophilus in capsule form anywhere. I get mine from Holland & Barret, usually when there's an offer on.

I don't buy Actimel as there's either too much sugar in them or the 'lite' ones have sugar substitute.

I eat 250grammes of plain live yoghurt every day for breakfast (with 2 tsps of flavoured yog, muesli & 2 tbs of oatbran) then I take the acidophilus capsules when I need extra. Peeg

ps I don't have what you have (but I sincerely sympathise) I'm allergic to mould. In my book sugar feeds mould/fungus & yeast that's why I don't want any extra in my system.

I wish you well and hope you can get rid of the pseudo soon. P

Well done claudine if you are taking the stuff I am one pot a day for a week, what happens with antibiotics is that not only do they kill the bad guys but some of the good ones as well. Taking Actimel or a similar pro biotic once a day for a week ( and do the same for every course of antibiotics you go on) helps puts back those friendly guys that the antibiotics have taken out. Recently I had as many flare ups as there were weeks in a month each were treated with antibiotics and each one getting stronger than the last course (for example my last course was 2g of flucloxacillin) boy I felt crap at the end so I trundled down to the local supermarket and got 2 packs of pro biotic's and am feeling much better now. Another thing about antibiotics (Augmentin [co-amoxiclav] is one of the biggest to blame here) is the antibiotic squits this is easily dealt with using live Yogurt on a daily basis (the GP gave me this tip).


I have COPD and bronchiectasis and Pseudomonas that ive had since december and have been using antibiotics every day since then to try and get rid of this rotten thing

ive had weight drop of me too and was told for most of us its simply the fact our bodies have to work so much harder just to breathe and was told to eat all the high calorie stuff we normally avoid but i was finding it so hard forcing food down there is only so much food you can eat

I and i just kept losing it so my gp put me on complan shakes and i have managed to put on 3 kg...there are nearly 400 calories in one drink if you use milk and 250 if you use water so perhaps you may have a chat about something similar

As far as actimel goes i would say yes use it i do i have one every morning and will continue to buy also very careful about what im eating...too much high fiber ,bread , pasta, muesli etc bloats me as well but i rarely get any problems now

I've just started taking Actimel, my latest chest infection has really aggravated my reflux and I decided to try the Actimel, it seems to be working so far!

Wow - thanks everyone! I had a sneaky feeling that perhaps I should stay on it permanently or something similar (other products are available as they say!). This is all very useful info and I shall be looking for the offers in the supermarkets now! I've heard about the H&B acidophilus but have discovered that I really love the blueberry Actimel! At home it is easier to graze and have small meals but I always feel so guilty handing back a half-empty plate in a restaurant - it feels like a criticism of their food but I just can't manage the volume. It will be an interesting experiment. Do you know, I'm not at all sure that the average GP or nurse knows this stuff!

Many thanks again - this site is an amazing mine of information.

Yes it's appalling. My baby granddaughter was prescribed too high doses of Azithromycin - for a 12 year old at a few months old! It wrecked her poor tum for a long time. No apology. Luckily we knew about acidophilus so my daughter researched until she found babies drops.

Even now she has a daily vitamin containing acidophilus.

Re sugar, did you know that in those tiny pots of Petit Filous there is 1 tsp of sugar? That's appalling too, getting babies hooked on sweet stuff. Grrr rant over

I find Actimel very comforting on the stomach but gave them up when I realised how much sugar they contain.

I've never been worried about the sugar per se because I'm so underweight but perhaps I should be? Don't know. Perhaps I need advice on this aspect too!! Thanks for bringing that up.

Any 'live' yoghurt will do. Actimel is an expensive brand and like others have said, does contain lots of totally unneccessary sugar. I get big tubs of any flavoured yoghurt... as long as its 'live'. I then sit down and see how much of the tub I can eat!! Enjoy :)

I've been making my own yoghurt for years now, with 'EasiYo', they also do Bio yoghurt and a complete range. Might work out to be a cheaper and more convenient option if you are using a lot :)

Actimel have recently been forced to remove most of their claims from advertising because they were deemed false or misleading. Get yourself a basic yoghurt maker, buy one tub of live culture and you will then have enough of the stuff to float the remains of our Royal Navy. Add what fruit you want, drop some on your sauces or gravy and the cost is so small, you can't work it out. Saves the enviroment harmful plastic tubs, no bleeding great refrigerated trucks going from one end of the country to the other and no sell by date.

Definitely agree with Peeg! Acidophilus is by far the best way to manage long term effects, ie digestive issues and Candida (Thrush) Yuk! and double Yuk. Keep Acidophilus in the cupboard for regular use when needed. :-)

I have been taking it (probiotic) since my stay in ICU in 2008 and I do not seem to have so many tummy problems now?

Hi Claudine, I think Actimel is fine if you like it. I prefer to take acidophilus in capsules. I think there more of the friendly bacteria in a capsule. I also take jarro-zyme -type this in the search here, I wrote about it not so long ago. Here's the reference from Amazon where I found this:

Hope it helps.

Funnily enough, I picked up another pack of Actimel today and scrutinised the label. I could not find anything referring to Acidophilus so will visit Holland & Barret tomorrow and have a little chat on this subject. Generally find they are pretty genned up on these things. Do you have colonised Pseudomonas Aeruginosa as well? I'm rather peeved that this has flared up in August, well before the winter months. Thanks for your reply.

Oh Claudine,

I have been plagued by pseudomonas. It shows its head fore ever! I thought It had gone, but last March, after my pneumonia, thre it came and beat me while I thought my illness was over. i spent one week in hospital, I thought I'd go home, mistake, I had to spend another week in with the promise that I would have a hospital to home nurse who would put a pump to wash my body with Ceftazadine for a fortnight!

I buy my acidophilus from chemist direct which is cheaper that from my local chemist who put the price up from £7.99 to £11.99! I also take, following the recommendation from another member, some Seven Sea pure cod liver oil which contains vitamin D. This seems to have helped me a lot to maintain health - and God did I need to maintain it!

This is what NHS says: "Vitamin D has several important functions. For example, it helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body.

These nutrients are needed to keep bones and teeth healthy." I find that it keeps my whole body healrhy.

Hope this helps.

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