Hello, don't be shy. No question is too trivial to ask here.

None of us are medics (apologies to any who are). We are all patients with varying degrees of lung problems.

There are medics to contact on the BLF helpline 9-5 weekdays.

Lots of genuine, caring people here to support you especially if you're worried and afraid.

:) :) :) :)

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  • A know quite a bit .. :))

    Not that it dose ME any good really .. Surpose you could say its like a book when you know the story

    A surpose thats why if you have TAD memory problems can be quite a blessing.

    Anyway yup nice to see ya and quite true peeg great post cheers

    All the best

  • Thanks Daz ;)

  • Bless you peeg,what a lovely post for any new members that may be feeling a little shy! xxx

  • I'm a bit shy myself Wens, ;) took me ages to post

  • Aaaaaw what a lovely welcome for newbies........:) Hope you are well today. :)

  • Not bad Louisiana thanks, hope you're okay too :)

  • Lovely post peeg, so thoughtful. I remember hanging around reading messages too nervous to post. Everyone seemed so knowledgeable, then I felt the friendliness, understanding and compassion and took the leap. xx

  • :) me too Suzy. I do replies but I don't often post.

    There were a few worried new people yesterday, reminded me of how worried I was 18 months ago and how far I've come since picking up a lot of knowledge here.

    It's also reminded me of how lovely everyone is on this site, freely sharing their knowledge - not to mention finding people who really understand when friends & family don't. ..... I'd like a £1 for every time some one has said "oh, still got that cough then" or "aren't you over that yet" ! Grrrrr

    I'll always be eternally grateful to you lovely people and your welcome xxxxxx

  • Summed up well peeg. With me it's you don't look ill, or you look really well or you are working etc. They only see me for a short time. The knowledge I have gained here is worth a ton of gold. They are lovely people out there. I still remember the awful feeling of isolation. despair sadness etc. before I joined. xx

  • Same here Suzy. You're right, lovely people here - I've met three super ladies recently.

    I too look well and get fed up with looks and comments. Just smile, walk away & have a cuss under my breath.... mind you, I am well compared to many lovely people here. Just accept some folks are ignorant, I was before it got me.

    This morning I semi jogged for 30 seconds (thought I'd give it a go as I was running late - again). I had to take my blue puffer before I left home though as a bit SOB/wheezy lately.


  • Thanks peeg, I have been blown away by the help offered after my post last week (I am a newbie!). Hopefully when I can get some clarification on my condition I will be able to help others too!



  • You're very welcome. We were all new once and yes, soon you will have lots of support for others too. :)

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