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COPD interview

Hi everyone,

The British Lung Foundation has been approached by pharmaceutical company GSK. They would like to invite a patient living with COPD to be interviewed by a physician about their symptoms and the impact of COPD upon daily life. It will be in front of an audience of 350 GSK staff and will take place on Friday 19th September at the Sofitel, London Heathrow.

Would you like to be a part of this? If you think you fit the below criteria then please contact me directly and let me know a little bit about you and your experience of COPD.

GSK are looking for patients who are breathless despite being on current medication and have not been admitted to hospital within the previous 12 months.

GSK will be paying €200 (adjusted using the exchange rate at time of interview) per day plus expenses.

If you would like to take part or have any questions about what this entails, please email me on

Best wishes,

Yvette Leavy

Corporate Partnership Manager

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Why would a pharmaceutical company need to "interview" a breathless copd-er..and in front of an audience too? Isn't there enough data on symptoms and coping techniques? And how could one persons experience be useful? This illness affects us all differently.


Maybe they want to put a human face on the list of symptoms, make it a little bit more real then words on a page ?


A think its good idea its not like you see many walking about could save them self few quid and interview those strugerling to get upstairs or steps at these malls shopping centers or in my case sat on compast bag at garden centres or dwp offices no point going outsite atos center as by all accounts everyone fit and well.

But yer av not been hospital latly think its more wait with piss heads trying to be ya friend than being cured keeps me away

Yep GSK are doing lots of lung studys am taking part my self in one as by all accounts some ares are free of lung diease suffers but a dont think pollution

Anyway ad love to myself but a dont travel well

A think if its learning curve for GSK and others why not .. A see there is no mention of lugging oxygen canister .. Is there H&S issues after all would be not on to travel all that way to get locked out :))

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Brilliant idea and I would be well up for it if I lived closer. I recently did something similar but on a far smaller scale! 27 trainee physiotherapists, as part of their training, get to ask patients with various conditions exactly how their lives are impacted. The feedback afterwards was amazing and I'm really glad I took part in it. We all know that it doesn't matter what it says on the tin, until you open and taste it you have no idea what it contains :)


i too wood of loved to do this . but I get tongue tied and could nt talk in front of that many people . my wife bless her normally talks for me as I find it hard to explain things . I have copd and palmany fibrosis an astma . and anything to help people understand about us and our conditions must be done .if one person benefits then its really worth it . so any of you who can do please do . keep on breathing


What a great idea. I'm not SOB enough to be of interest. Pity they don't want a mild, moderate & severe.

I know of absolutely no one with copd apart from being on here and meeting 3 other members from the site recently .

Hope someone will volunteer. What a great opportunity to teach folks from GSK about copd. They should know what it's like, they are the ones developing & supplying drugs after all.

Plus if each of those 350 tell one person and each of those tell someone else.......


I would be interested but HOW do you contact her direct, there is no link ?

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Well I've applied. I will let you all know if I get chosen and of course the actual event. I agree with the majority it's a good idea and the actual interview will b with a doctor not GSK. If it helps then why not????


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