Hi all, I have not been on the site for quite a while as I went for a lung transplant in January. I am now recovering and would seriously recomend it to anyone who has the chance. No they are not always successful but lung disease does not improve! Sue Exxxx

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  • Great news Sue, its good to hear from someone who has had a lung transplant. I am currently suspended off the transplant list due to an infection which is very slow clearing but hope to join you someday as a post transplant Healthunlockeder.

    Tony x

  • Wow, that's wonderful news Sue. Thanks so much for coming back to tell everyone.

    Hoping you continue to recover well to become stronger and stronger :-D

  • Hi Seyre I am awaiting a lung transplant at Brompton in the near future,I am scared senseless.Can you tell me all about it please.I am so glad you are well and would be more than grateful for advice Laura x

  • Hi The best advise I can give you is to get yourself as strong as possible before the op. If there is anything specific you want to know please ask cos quite frankly I could write a book. I was really bad before the op and could not walk far but now I feel great and able to enjoy life again. Good luck. x Sue E

  • Thats so wonderful,Thanks Seyre,I will be a pain in the butt,firing questions at you, in the meantime, let me take this opportunity of wishing you a very happy future,this has made my day!! xxx

  • Hi. Ask any question, any time, I will be glad to reply. xx Sue E

  • Thanks Sue,that is so kind of you..xx

  • Oh Sue,what fabulous news,so happy for you!

    Here's to a great new start at life,

    Love & hugs Wendells xxx

  • Great news ! Please keep us informed of your progress. :)

  • great news sue,, continue to improve,, regards jimmy

  • That's wonderful. X

  • Oh marvellous news and all the best for your continued recovery!

  • Wonderful news, best wishes for the future barnowl

  • Wow Sue what an uplifting post. I am so pleased all went well for you and you feel so great. Really kind of you to let us know how it all went and very helpful to those who will be taking the same path as yourself in the future.

    love cx

  • That's great news. I think congratulations are probably in order. As someone who has been told they will need a transplant its good to see someone positive about the experience. I am still undecided but your success is a great story. Please keep us in touch with how you are getting on.

    Marie x

  • Don't leave it too long, you get weaker as time goes on and you don't know ow long you will be on the list. They were hesitant about going ahead with mine but my consultant convinced the team I was a fighter. Fortunately it went ahead but my recovery was a little longer than usual. Everything I went through was well worth it to have the quality of life I ave now. Sue Exx

  • I should think everyone here is interested .... any chance of doing a blog?

  • hiya seyre x how long were you on list for ? my hubby is on active list ans has been since feb were you under newcastle hospital ? you will get bombared with questions but im glad youve let us know . so pleased for you happy days eh x x

  • Hi, I was on the list for 18 months, I had one false call but the second went ahead. There is no way of knowing how long some only a few weeks and then others like me. Luck of the draw but well worth it. Sue E

  • That is awesome and I hope you have many years of good health.

  • How fabulous! Thank you for such an encouraging post, I'm so pleased for you, long may you continue to enjoy your new lungs! huff xxxx

  • What wonderful news and great to hear what a difference it has made. I too am waiting for the call from the Harefield. It's been about 19 months now so fingers crossed I'm not too far away! Staying strong is important - I've found that Pilates has been fantastic for me.

  • What a fantastic post, so glad your feeling so well. Even though my Consultant has mentioned it in the past I don't think I would qualify I have borderline Osteoporosis and my size would let me down I'm very tiny not because of illness just always have been.

    Very happy for you.

    Kim xx

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