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Seen gp today.states she had never heard of devices.she went onto comp,looked on Scottish guidelines ,,,nothing, I assured her that these devices were available and that I had the information from people who uses it.also spoke to surgery resp.nurse ...she had never heard of it.i stated that l was looking for guidelines on how to use and would buy the device.very sad


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  • This might agree not always available on NHS. I would have thought the resp.nurse would have known of their existance.

  • thank you susy6.have printed sheet. guess i am in for a long fight.....nelliex

  • Could you please elaborate more on the device and for what ailment. You got my curiosity up.

  • Me too. Which device are you meaning?


  • Me too. Which device are you meaning?


  • flutter and the accapello was the previous post. It does seem from what I have seen on here that it does depend on the GP if they will prescribe it or not.

    I think you have to look if they print your prescriptions or use a quill?

  • I live in the us, and the accapello has been available here for years. I have one. is the flutter another instrument ? i'v never heard of it. the accapello helps loosen mucus when you are congested. but I guess you already know that. hope you find a way to get your accapello.

  • it is more or less the same thing

    One main difference here is we have the NHS that is at breaking point so getting anything is an effort at the moment.

  • It doesn't surprise me in the slightest your GP was ignorant of the facts when it comes to PEPs, although she should know, especially as the Flutter can now be prescribed on the NHS. The Acapella Choice however can not and you would have to purchase this yourself, unless you are lucky enough to get one from the hospital. Not sure if you have bronchiectasis or not - if you do you should be seen by a respiratory consultant with a special interest in cf/bronchiectasis who would refer you to physio as a matter of course.

    Your respiratory nurse should most definitely have known.

    Did you ask about a referral to a respiratory physiotherapist nellie, as they are the ones who will not only know about PEPs but could show them to you and help you decide what method of mucus clearance would work best for you.

    We have all had to deal with these type of 'brick walls of ignorance' in one way or another. You quite often have to be your own advocate. Obviously we have to do this in a measured way, as we still need them onside. Gather some evidence and please ask for a physio referral.

    Good luck


  • Thank you.its terrible the attitude is certainly awful. Hopefully I will get my fight back.just can't believe the lack of knowledge and the unwillingness to help


  • would it be possible to get referred to a lung specialist. he would know about it, or a physiotherapist for lung diseases (he should know and have some!) Oh dear! I sympathise with you Nellie.

  • You'll be lucky if you find a respirortary nurse at a surgery,that's what the problem is.need more trained nurses in respirortary ,every surgery should have one ,then we don't bother doctors or every time get I'll have to go to hospital.

  • Hi all - my first post here!

    As I have COPD (one of many health problems), apparently I qualify for care from the Community Respiratory Matrons. A Pulmonary Physio brought a Flutter round yesterday, having ordered it for me last week. He told me that last year, there was no budget for these to be given out but because of such favourable results with the devices, they were now being recommended for wider use and presumably on prescription; I paid nothing.

    Now I just have to learn how to drive it properly but early results seem promising - I have given myself a headache and bit of a sore throat with it though - a bit over-enthusiastic I think and I am exhausted too; it's hard work!

    I have been reading through many posts on the forum and finding much useful and reassuring information. Thank you.

    sparkler x

  • Welcome.hoping flutter have came to the best site for support and encouragement


  • Thanks Nellie and I wish you luck, in your fight to get what you need - it shouldn't be a fight; makes me so angry!

    sparkler x

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