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several weeks ago someone was talking about a pill that is taken over time that helps with copd symptom. I can not remember what it was, and have lost what I wrotel it down on. several people saidl they had been taking it for a while and it had helped a lot. I don't thinik it was a steroid. I want to say it started with an A but not sure. anyone have any idea. thanks

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  • I've been taking Uniphyllin ( Theophylline) for several years now, 1 tablet of 300 mg Morning and Evening.

    It's slow releasing over 12 hours. I'm on several other medications, but the Uniphyllin is the one that's never been changed or messed about with by Consultants or GP's.

    Maybe this is the one you're looking for.


  • A lot of members have been posting about azithromycin........I think it's an antibiotic taken about 3 times a week to keep infections "at bay ". I don't take it myself but if you type it into the search box above it will bring up a number of posts . Hope this helps .

  • that's it! thank you

  • yes that's it. thank all o you for replying.

  • I take phyllocontin,mucodyne(carbocisteine) montelusk(singlair) any of these lol x

  • You don't say what type of medication it is but gave us a clue in that it starts with A. As coastal says I think you are talking about Azithromycin, which is an anti-biotic which can be used as a treatment but many people with many lung conditions, not just copd, take them as a prophylactic 1 3 times a week or infrequently 1 a day. It helps cut down inflammation and breaks down the biofilms of some bacteria.

    Only guessing this is the medication you were asking about - sorry if it isn't.


  • that's the on e thank you

  • yes I also think it is Azithromycin you are looking for. Good luckxxx

  • i was on azythromicine for a year not any help whatsoever taken of them now on co-trimoxazole for four weeks now just had chest infection last week had to take emergency pack now back on antibiotics again nothing seems to stop infections

  • I think you might mean Azithromycin. I have been on it for 3 months. Brilliant. Just stopped to see how I am without it. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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