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In appreciation

Just to say thanks to everyone who responded to my post.l did use the small water bottle and straw and even that helped.not great on the mucus but felt my lungs had a workout.will be seeing g.p. next week with the names of devices that you have recommended.meanwhile will look on internet.

L cannot thank you all enough for your help.each and everyone.what a great bunch,

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Hi Nellie that's sounds good for your lungs could you tell me exactly what to do and why you were doing it thanks. Angse


I'm not Nellie, but I read on a post some time ago to two-thirds fill a milk carton with water- use a straw (I tape two together so it is long enough. Breathe in deeply and then blow bubbles in the water as strong as poss.. I have found it helpful in bringing up mucus - doesn't for everyone, but it helps me a bit, so I do it regularly. Hope it helps you :)


Hi angse, I'm sure you saw my reply to nellie. You need a bottle and you need to fill it a little bit.., because too much and you won't be able to blow anything, you'll just get exhausted. You need a fairly large and long piece of tubing, about the size of a catheter, a straw is too narrow.

The exercise is good, but exhausting and you may get short of breath doing it. so you need to do this gently. But it's easy to find a bottle; I think the chemist or even a garden shop may provide you with a bit of tubing ( a hosepipe is too wide , the pipe has a funny taste; so not that). Hope this helps.


Nellie, I think you are ding great! About the straw and the bottle, don't fill the bottle to the top, you only need a little bit of water to put pressure on your lungs. YOu also need a bigger tubing ( catheter size or something like that, fi not you won't be able to blow anything! Well done!


I think you are talking about the Bubble Pep hun. It is designed for kids but can also be fun for adults ;-) I would put a bet on your GP not having heard of it

You might also want to ask your GP for a prescription for the Flutter, although he may not know you can get it on prescription - you can.

Good luck

love cx


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