Ebola Germany Is Accepting Patients And UK As Already Been Out There


Yep UK Doctors Sound Alarm And Yet UK Is Quite Placid They Having A Laugh ... World And Is Dog Know UK As No Boarder Controls .... Like Av Not Seen Them Going On About Farse Of Our Boarder Controls ... Or Even Controls On Joke Of Chanel Tunnel

PEOPLE Need To Wake UP Stop Being So Placid ... IN Usa There Is CDc Camp That As Just Had 1 Million CDC Plastic Coffins Delivered All Blinged Out In Biohazard Sticker And 4 New Incinerators Fitted .... How Grim Is That Yet The UK The Dirty Little Cockroch Infested Island Is Trying To Do It In Secret ....


And Ya Silly GSI Cobra JOKE gov.uk/government/world/gui...

Cant Keep Secret To Save The Lifes


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It is all really scary stuff Daz. I saw someone chatting on Sky News and he seemed so blasé about everything. Ebola is a terrible disease with no cure so we cannot afford to be complacent about any of it. Can I come and hide with you? xxx

Hi Sassy Wat Lung Suffers Dont Realize If There Flying Ad Dont Take It Serious And Look Il Its Quite Possible They Will Find Them Selfs In A Camp Full Of Them.

But At Least Cant Say A Did Not Tell Them .... Only Have Room For So Many On Me Bus : First Come First Served

Yep Yup Your Welcome To :)

Thanks Daz, sign me up. xxxx

defo :))

This is the first i have heard of this condition so excuse me if I have had my head in the sand. It wasn't mentioned in the 6pm news SO I think will carry on enjoying my life, what is left of it for the moment.

YES, there was mention of ebola on the morning news. As yet, no alarm on the part of the UK authorities.

I heard that the uk could cope with it as it has medicine ready, so my thinking is why not give it to the country to begin to stop it there,so it does not get this far,common sense to me, why wait til it gets here ,!!

What medicine ?? Its a virus infection.......only subsequent bacterial infections can be treated.

The cases need strict isolation ......with very strict barrier nursing.

Hygiene standards so high they are off the scale of what you might consider normal.

Every town with a port or airport have a isolation unit or allocated hospital beds.....for various conditions.....


these patients would go to a really specialist unit kitted out for just such a condition , the main one is in North London.

Lets hope it doesn't come here...

Probably another Pharma inspired health scare to get people panicking for immunisation. remember the last bird flu scare which was going to decimate the world. Governments ordering millions of doses of vaccine and then suddenly panic over, and the only beneficiaries are the Pharmas. Sorry but I'm a big sceptic when it comes to health scares.

I see from a previous post, that I brushed ebola off BUT in today's Sunday Mail, front online page, big news so please forgive me for brushing you off, Daz. Have a good day

You have written already about ebola, Daz, and I brushed it off at the time, but there is a big article in the Mail on Sunday. It makes a chnage to read news in that newspaper.

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