MP's EDM on Asbestos Research Funding

That is disgrace 1 conserative MP signed EDM on asbestos research proposed funding

Teachers and Everbody else need to to think about how much there health maters to conservitive MP's 1 out of 72

Disgrace and Shocking

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Please, if you haven't done already, can you write to your MP and urge them to support this?

done and got an automated reply

That was very informative vid Daz.

It explains now why at the time they wanted to know if I had worked with asbestos but I told them it was safe as I been told by the supplier but since found it was the brown asbestos I worked with for over 15 years without mask. I was sent by police escort to another hospital for a decortication but was to ill to do it, so they put me on a oscillator for 12 days which has a 50% survival rate. All of my consultants have looked at what is happening in the lungs them selves and not looking at the outer edges which is were my pain is and from what the guy said seems to be the start point? That and my Paralysed Diaphragm will make me ask some more question on my next visit.

Be Well

Hi, Offcuts Glad You Found It Informative ... Defo Makes You Think As Grim As It Is Think We Are Allways Best Of Knowing

Yer A Was Watching It Yep Was Thinking Of You Fella And Thinking How Full Of Shhhhh Thay Are .... I Would Defo Ask Question ... I Know You Have In Past And Thay Try Pass The Buck

Ad Get Claim Submited With IIDB ... Like What Have You To Lose

Nice Seeing Ya And Feed Back Is Allways Plesure ... Take Care Of Ya Self Dont Be Over Doing It :)

Not really shocked by this to be honest. What has this government done to suggest they care about anything or anyone but their own privileged interests?

Hi warwickstag was thinking same myself but becouse i have few issues i could not of put it so nice ... but yer spot on an cheers

Letter to MP signed, but am shocked and disgusted by our Tory Government that this is not of interest to them and that only 1 took the time to sign. They should also be looking after the interests of those that have dormant asbetos in their lungs as they cannot guarantee that it won't change in the future and we have to live with the knowledge that there is a ticking time bomb in our lungs

Hi thomas8 could not agree more : its shame healthunlocked fb modarators dont feel quite the same as thay removed my post of there page.

Needless to say i duly mailed them as cleary who ever removed it as not lived with acondtion as such nor can thay say its not health related

A dont give a rats assss about who backs healthunlocked but clearly it must be someone who as not lived with a health condition ... and must be ultra conserative and more than likly a mp

Or else why would thay remove it

Needlesss to am not happy

This is supposed to be a country of free speech, but it seems that there are people who for reasons unknown are frightened of certain subjects being aired and conspire to contain or censor expressed views. You could be right when you say it could be political censorship, it is in their interests to bury certain facts. Keep fighting. we enjoy reading your posts

Hi cheers yer the not for real like there is not twitter .. censorship might workerd 30 years ago but not anymore as trade mark owner am fully up on law and had lots of dealing with how sub domain and hijacking works but you get to long in the tooth for it all

Hi Daz I have just looked at the list my MP has signed it but nothing this government does surprises me anymore have you seen the article about the guy who did 8 years in the army continued to work after leaving the army. His mum fell ill he looked after her at home { how much did he save the government by doing this } he was diabetic and he was sanctioned under the new rules brought in by this government he lost his JSA he was found dead he had stopped taking his insulin as he had no electric no fridge to keep his insulin in. The post-mortem revealed he had no food in his stomach and when he was found his body was surrounded in job application forms.

I really think now we vote with our feet this can't go on these MPs should live a day in our shoes.

Hi onamission cheers yer did read it shared it on fb to is a total disgrace over years i have writen to EU over H&S Exc office over atos and inaction

Yet for breaking EU law Human Rights law uk gov just get fined .. and who pays it we do

Thats justice in this day age .. Asbestos suffers have started using human rights law AND thats why Tories want to get rid of it

Good luck Daz I think human rights is a good point the government don't like them and tend to back off. I can't see Cameron, Cleg or Millerband getting in next time people are fed up of them all 3 have left a nasty taste in my mouth and the sooner they stand up and accept asbestos is killing people the better

Hi Onamission Cheers Yer Was Reading Reprt Of Loons At Coroner's Office .... Yep The Not To Happy Our Govermeant That Under Human Rights Law State Can't Kill Ya Eather In Hospital Or In Police Custody

Under Act ; If One Was Declined Hospital Treatmant ONE Could Use Said Act ... But You Wuld Have To Be In The Know And Of Course I Never Told Anyone

They don't care Daz they are alright Jack they will leave no 10 with a nice pension which you and I have paid for we would have the finest heal system in the world if all the tax they collected from smokers went to the NHS but it didn't.

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