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Lung function tests?

I have stage 1 very mild bullous emphysema, I had a lung volume test in 2012 and 2013 should I have one every year, I had a ct scan back in 2011 and nothing since. After my 2013 lung volume test doc said I was caught very early and since I have a good fev of 79% to 81% there was no need for follow ups and basically only come back when i need to. I gave up smoking in 2011, exercise every day and eat healthy, no great symptoms and not on any medication.

David 1968

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I am sorry you have this but pleased it was caught so early. You have a high lung function (over 80 is considered normal for healthy people). It is a progressive disease but with not smoking, a healthy diet and lots of exercise it should progress very slowly if at all. One point though don't take any chances with your lungs, if you think you have a problem go straight to the doctor. Any infection can make your illness worse and can result in permanent damage. x


have never had a scan and only get a chest x ray to check when i have an infection and I am severe. First diagnosed 15 years ago. You should have a check up every year. Most surgerys have a COPD or Asthma nurse that does the annual checks. Most surgerys seem to put your review and check up date around your birthday so that is easy to remember.


Keep up with the exercise and good diet and get any infections checked out quickly and it should,nt impact on your life much oh and don,t forget your flu and pneumonia jabs,good luck!D.


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