What is the best climate to live with COPD

Hi all, I have COPD and Asthma and my doctor expects me to be worse in winter, while the winter is not good for me my worse time is in summer when it is hot and humid.

Right now we have humidity of 77 most days and my chest is a constant rattle. Normally I can control the phlegm with coughing excercises twice a day but that is useless in this weather.

Does anyone else have this problem? I also live n right by the river and wonder if this is perhaps not a good idea?

Any ideas of the best climate for us would make and interesting topic for us all.

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  • I have said before, and dont want to be a bore, but my breathing improved when I moved near the sea. The air is much fresher although i could be fooled in this muggy weather. Are you prone to chest infections?

  • You are not a bore pergola. I feel often I need to go to the sea to clear the cobwebs away, I wish I could move.

  • Suzy is right, certainly not a bore, I am so grateful to you and all for your replies.

    I tend to get a chest infection a couple of times a year, in summer and in winter.

    There is nothing like first hand experience in finding out the best thing.

    By the sea sounds good to me.

  • I've just been diagnosed and always wanted to live by the Sea. I used to surf a bit. Now I'm convinced I need to live by the sea

  • Yes i am, see phila climate is extreme..although temps this summer have been good in the 80s extreme is high 90s thats when im in trouble, but the brutal winter can have me in a spizzy also...but day 6 of my quitting smoking campaign and i have been feeling awesome so far....unbelievable how good i feel just not to have that cig smoke in my lungs is miracilous !

  • Lovely clean air here in Cornwall - and I really noticed the pollution in the air when I visited London last week - BUT - it's swings and roundabouts as here in Cornwall there are lots of hills to contend with and poor services compared to much of the country. I think overall though the sea air seems to benefit most 'lung'ers'.

  • I definitely feel the pollution in London. I live in Kent just, but it is in a London Borough and it is bad. Traffic fumes are dreadful.

  • Cornwall sounds good, thanks for this input.

    It is certainly true that traffic fumes are a problem. I find walking by a line of slow or standstill traffic really effects my breathing and so something else to bear in mind.

    Suzy, any chance for you that you could move?

  • Omg London must be a nitemare...my my see philly is not half as bad, the temps are far more extreme than London is...like a heat wave now in late summer were experiencing although september is wonderful

  • Thanks so much for this flibberti. Sea air is obviously going to be a good move. The river here is slow moving and there is a canal next to the house, we are in a wooded valley, I suppose it is sounding rather obvious now.

    When I asked the specialist he will not discuss and said that I should move because of my lungs! I suppose he says that because some people are not in a position to move but I would have liked an honest answer from him.

  • Wow, thanks you so much everyone for your replies, I was not expecting so much good response, brilliant.

  • Hi Riverfrog I also find the summer harder to deal with not only the heat but the air quality seems so much worse,I guess due to grasses plants etc.I agree with the others about living by the sea,throughout my life I have had spells of being by the sea and not only have I been healthier but the feel good factor helps too I think.

    When I was stopping smoking and seeing the smokey nurse you had to blow into this gadget which told them if I had been smoking or not.When I had stopped my nose was out of joint because the gadget was still registering the nurse said that nobody in my area got below 3-4 because of poor air quality,I did get lower results but that was probably due to staying in and never going out at the time.

    If it was at all possible I would move in a heartbeat back to the coast.Do you think that you will move Riverfrog? :) Janexx

  • Thank you Longlungs, So sorry to hear about the air quality where you live, are you in a city?

    I hope that you find it possible to move back to the coast.

    I am seriously thinking of moving, as always there are things and other people to consider but I am going to try hard to make it happen.

  • i live on an island but 10 mins from the sea ,fields cause me to wheeze but the sea air doesn't,i would definately say overlooking sea apartment would be good

  • Sounds good Boxermad, living on an island must be lovely, are you around the UK then?.

    Just noticed your post that this is your last day at work, I wish you all the best.

  • I live high up by the sea and the air quality is good. Muginess tends to get blown away. The only problem is that living by the sea means the air is damper which wouldn't suit everyone with lung problems. x

  • Nice post riverfrog, I've always wanted to ask that.

    I live in a green part of London and have to move in September. I have little idea of where to move to - except I'm not keen on the countryside for living in on my own.

    I was thinking of Cheltenham, but that's in a valley. How high up the hill would be decent to settle?

    Then there's Cambridge which always has a place in my heart but that's very very expensive to buy anywhere I'd want to live. I need somewhere alive with a bit of a buzz and things to join & do.

    I'm going to rent In the South of France this winter, somewhere not to far from my son. They live in Cassis, east of Marseille by the sea. This will be a test to see if the lungs stay healthier down there. Canal Chris spent last winter down in Portugal and found it very beneficial. If it works then that broadens my choice, UK or France?

    Oh dear oh dear. Decisions decisions

    It's great to read about everyone's experiences. Peege

  • Peeg, Good for you, I think it is great that you have the chance to try out France and the south, do let us know how you get on , I know it is a way off but there will be many interesting to hear the results of this.

    I am in France north of Bordeaux, it is cold in the winter here and very humid in the summer.

    I was thinking of going further south or back to the UK.

    My husband went to Portugal in June near the sea and (he has a cough) his cough went completely in a week! However he is not keen to move there unfortunately.

  • Thanks Riverfrog. All the best to you :)

  • BTW it's interesting that you're by a river near Bordeaux and that's not working for you even in the summer.

    My son is in Cassis on Sth Coast East of Marseille, famous for the Calanques. He has asthma and doesn't even bother with his inhalers he's so well. Much drier there of course with sea breezes. They're higher up and look down to the harbour. Wonderful views they wake up to every single day.

  • Peeg, yes,well when I say north of Bordeaux we are about 90km north on the Charente river; inland. It does get really hot here n the summer and humid with it, certainly I suffer more then than in the winter. I believe that it is OK if you are on the coast like around Arcachon.

    I think that where your son is sounds like a good place. Just have to watch out for the winds in the winter.

  • Of course

  • Yes my friend..decisions decisions...sort of like here when the brisk new england fall air is about the best one can imagine.. doesnt it stay rrelatvely hot n muggy in portugal ?

  • I live in Cyprus and the very hot weather in July and August is bearable so long as the humidity is high. I have my own theory on this which as it's so dry and dusty the high humidity keeps the dust down. I never get infections, I don't have a cough, don't have problems with mucus and if it wasn't for the fact my lung function is only 48% and get short of breath when walking up inclines and doing too much housework!!! I wouldn't think I had severe emphysema. I think pollution also plays a great part in breathing problems. The pollution here is nowhere near as bad as in the UK. Every time I fly into Birmingham airport it hits me and can't wait to get back here. Live about 1km from the sea and I can see it from my bedroom.

  • Sounds good to me. Yes, our island is so small it can't cope. If I drive in our out of London on Friday or Sunday evenings the traffic is horrendous, like something out of a science fiction story. Miles and miles of cars.

    I lived in North Africa for 6 years in my 20s. Yes it was often 40 degrees but it was a fantastic climate, very healthy. Just a bit humid sept/October .

    Good on you Pat. Brave move

  • Funnily enough I was thinking only yesterday of having a look (on t'net) of properties around Brighton.

    I'm a bit sad leaving the place, community, friends, GP etc that I love. When the pretty park opposite me is buzzing I liken it to Brighton Beach!

    I'll have a look today.

    ..... I've just remembered, you know where I live!

  • Thanks Cypris Pat, I wonder if the reason you do not have mucous etc is because you are in a good place with clean air, interesting. Good for you, keep it up.

  • Yep I fancy Cyprus I'm considering renting for the winter to avoid exacerbations here; with a view moving there full time - good health care, modern hospitals, great weather in the winter, good tax rates (at the moment).

    Do you have to pay for prescriptions? Where are you, Pafos?

  • I live just outside Larnaca and because I was under 62 when diagnosed I had to go private and still visit her a couple of times a year. Now I receive my pension it comes with a form which gives virtually free medical care, but unfortunately only spiriva is available at the hospital .50 cents per item. The onbrez costs me 45 euros a month. But as you said the 18000 euro threshold for paying tax is favourable 😃. But it's the weather that's great, although we do get rain January and February. Unfortunately the houses aren't built for cold, there's no insulation and although it may be 16 degrees outside it does feel cold inside. I certainly use my winter fuel allowance on gas for the central heating! And on a final note it's not everybodies cup of tea but I love it. Hope this helps.

  • Hi

    Recently I got astma, like other it's hard to breathe and coughing all the time. I live in Essex/London. I am 61year old and non smoker. Just like to ask you if it will be some better If I try CYPRUS for some time.

    I will be very grateful if you can given me some information and advice.

    Thanks you

    Yours sincerely


  • A few years ago we moved to 4 miles from the sea in Devon from the Midlands and have found a vast improvement in air quality. Just visiting the sea shore somehow makes me feel better.

  • Very clean unpolluted air where I live, but the whole of the UK is damp.

    I'm always a lot more comfortable up a mountain in France ..... odd that, because you'd expect the air to be thinner.

  • hallentine47 That's encouraging, my family are in Devon, I sometimes think of going back I was a bit concerned about the wet in the winter.

    Out- for- lunch , interesting, yes I have read that we should not go for higher altitudes, so strange that you feel better .

    However I remember my younger working days when they use to talk about sending people with lung problems to the mountains in Switzerland to rest and recover!!.

  • Just had 7 days in southern Spain breathing was so much better

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