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Trache taken off and back on oxygen mask at 60%. Is this causing breathlessness?

Hi, my mum has just had her trache removed after successfully coming off the ventilator with oxygen at 28%. Now she has the trache removed , she was coughing up (which I was catching in tissues as nurses too busy and she is too weak to lift hands) her oxygen this morning is at 60%

I am very worried and scared she will end up bsck in the ventilator , and I feel that the oxygen mask with the humidifier is causing the breathlessness and thd apparent need for more oxygen . Could any one get bsck to me with thoughts? Thank you . I'm here at the hospital and haven't been able to speak with a doctor .

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Hi ellie, I have only just read your post and I hope your mum has improved a little since. After my trache was removed I was coughing up loads of sputum, so much so that I managed to convince the matron on ICU to let me use the suction tube that the nurses used to use. When I was finally moved to the wards I got them to rig me up with the same set up. Cant remember what it was called but it was a godsend. No more trying to spit it out, I would just suck it out with this vacuum tube and into a large container behind the bed, its a bit gross to talk about but I would have struggled more without it.

once again I hope things have improved since you posted this.



Hi Tony, yes that sounds good lol. She can't move her arms or hands though. She was coughing loads up Abd I was catching in tissue. I wish I could have stayed As I don't think the nurse was paying close attention to catch it all so she got congested . I will have to get my brother to stay next time .


btw, they put another trachea on now as she wasn't breathing well enough. Will try again soon i hope


How did your mother end up? I'm going through the same thing with my mum?


Can I please get an update about your story? It's sounding very similar to mine with the my dear mum 😔


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