Public transport? Grrr!

If the selfish woman had,nt decided to park at the bus stop by the wall I needed to sit on.If I,d managed to cross the road a bit quicker.If the bus was,nt full of people staring at me,I might have got off the bus without feeling like I was going to pass out.But things sometimes conspire to make our life difficult.I was like a little kid thinking "got my freedom pass ,let's get down to the shop and have a cup of tea at the friendly baker.I can now get the bus back up the hill and not worry"Back to the drawing board!Have to be a scooter or electric wheelchair for local jaunts I think.My problem is I have nowhere to keep either.Any suggestions?

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  • A scooter would certainly sort your problems, farmer. I dont know your surroundings. I do have a shed with electricity but it has a step so that is out. So I have to leave my scooter outside the conservatory which has power. But it needs a good rainproof cover. In the winter, it will probably need extra cover and a blanket over the battery because they dont like the cold. Good luck because it sounds as if you really need one xxx

  • If I had to follow Pergola's advice to keep this thing warm in winter, I'd put it in the bed :-)

    This is quite a problem. I put myself in your place. You need to be able to charge this and, as Pergola said, you need to prevent the weather from rusting the engine and disabling the battery. You need, ideally some sort of biggish cupboard or a small shed linked with electricity. You have no garage?Quite a problem.

    I sympathise with you for the bus. When I really need to take it, I walk slowly to the bus stop. I close my eyes, if I see the bus rushing past to the stop, I know I won't get it, and will have to wait at least 20 minutes for the next one!

    I don't have a scooter, because thre's a good vlonteer service. So I go to the gym with the drivers of the volunteer bureau. Trouble is, they put their prices up: £6.50 for the smallest of journey! For the gym, I like it, because I'm quite tired when I get out of it and don't want to try to run to the stop just in case the bus is coming rushing! Oh dear, what a problem!

  • Another member recently recommended a travelscoot which having googled it looks very good as it packs away into a small holdall to put in a car but perfect if you are short of space. Good luck xx

  • Yes have looked at the Travelscoot ,looks great ,just need to find a bank to rob,lol.D.

  • Hi

    Add on to Tadaw

    Can be expensive , but needs must?

  • Yes I was going to suggest a foldaway scooter. x

  • Does any one know anybody who has actually tried the Travelscoot?Is it as good as it looks?

  • I've had my travel scoot for 18mths now. It is excellent , v lightweight and incredibly manoeuvrable, you can perform a U turn in a lift!, when collapsed it takes up about the same room as a child's stroller. I believe it does up to 8mls on a charge, it has a li-ion battery which only weighs 5lb or so. The scoot can easily be kept in a car boot, either dismantled or ready for use which is how I store mine- it comes into it's own on occasions like tomorrow when I have to brave the trip to our huge hospital with its miles of corridors. Strongly recommend.

  • Thanks Yoda,did you order your Travelscoot from the European distributor or the US one?All the British ones seem so much more bulky.

  • Got it directly from Hardy Huber, the designer in Germany, he's v approachable and answers emails personally. He was an aircraft designer and damaged his legs in a skydiving accident, that led him to make something which was light and easily transportable. UK residents don't have to pay vat on the scoot, I think its the best out there, but I appreciate it won't meet everyone's needs, it doesn't have a reverse gear( I understand this may be available on later models) but for ease of transport it's the biz!

  • I have a luggie scooter which folds up like the Travelscoot. Is brilliant. Use it to go all over place plus can take on bus. They are expensive but I had help from a local charity plus support from local religious group. The rest of the cost came from savings. I also got an expensive bike lock for it so I could pop into shops with a step and leave it safely for a few minutes!

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