Don't worry be happy we may not win the battle but we'll have a good fight

Hi I have emphysema from the age of 46 and other things going on I take a lot of meds a day I've done rehab and breathing technic with the physiotherapy but I'm happy I have a great nurse and doctors who are there when I need them I feel very lucky to have all this i don't let my illnesses get me down what will happen will happen know matter what like my doctor says don't worry we will keep you breathing

Me I've put it to the back of my mind and just do my best and not think about it we have such a short time here but a long time gone be happy and remember you still you illness or not

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  • Hi Stephend and welcome. sounds like you've got a great Dr and team. I've only been diagnosed with COPD since Dec 2011. I've also got Fybro, a kind of Lupus and Depression. You've got a great attitude to life. I try my best to think the same way, but some days I find it hard to stay positive. I'm still learning about the COPD from the lovely people on here. Nice to meet you. x

  • Thank you I know when your first told its a lot to take in numbers here there and every where I don't think about them try not to worry about any of it or it just plays on your mind remember do what you can and be happy think of the good times you've had they will as way bring a smile know matter how bad it get .

    Good luck keep well

  • Thank you for a lovely inspiring post Shepend, I've been quite down for a few days, but made myself go out to a local political meeting tonight, I'm still coughing still out of breath but feel so much better being with like minded people who are working hard to change things in our community, it's great to have you on board x

  • Thank you from time to time it does get bad and you think how am I going cope with this but we have too we can't change it i get out as much as possible a walks a walk know matter how many times you have to stop and rest so I don't worry as I can't stop any of it and to be honest when my time does come i will know I've done all I could have done so always think of the good times you've had they will always bring a smile to you know matter how bad it is good luck and just try your best .

  • Hello and welcome.

    Makes so much difference if you have good medical support, I think I'm quite lucky with my team. It's the depression that gets to me when I'm not feeling well, just hope I can keep it at bay.

    Thanks for a nice upbeat post.

    Good luck

    Kim xxx

  • Great post Stephend, wish I could feel as positive but it does seem you have very good medical support which must make a huge difference.

    Take care


  • Yes keep on with that positive attitude! Inspiring stuff - my husband and I were discussing this the other day. He is still my husband who has COPD not a COPD patient who is my husband!! xxx

  • Tadaw how lucky your husband is. Your love and support is amazing. xx

  • Thank you we're still people just with an illness I find looking back on life to the good time I had as helped me cope i don't worry .

    I hope your husband stays strong and just in joys what ever he does good luck .

  • Wonderful positive post Stephend and long may it be so. I'm sure you have helped us all to take time out and reassess our attitude. Take care stay well xx

  • Stephend, I think this is such a good news and motivation. I too feel really happy. I do my exercises every morning. This has been vindicated by my lung specialist who showed me 2 X-Rays, one when I was ill - it's all bulging alveoli and fuzzy, and the one taken just now which is clear, no bulging, no fuzz.

    Keep doing the exercises!

  • Thank you we can only do what we can making sure we keep our self mobile keep going and never give up good luck .

  • thanks. reminded me to get positive again :) x

  • Thanks juliekkay

    Don't worry about what going inside I think the more you think about it the more worry you give yourself just remember the things that have made you smile in the past they will still bring you the same smile good luck

  • Thanks again. You are right. Your message touched me deeply...perfect timing. Been feeling bit sorry for myself. ! All best possible to you X xx

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