Hay fever

Did anyone else only develop Hayfever after COPD or is it just me? I have never suffered from Hayfever before last year, 3 months after being diagnosed with COPD and Bronchiectasis it started,was quite bad but loratide and nasel spray seemed to keep it in check. This year it is back, but worse now, and the medication does not seem to be working.

Has anyone any tips about dealing with this thing,apart from staying in doors for a couple of months?


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15 Replies

  • I was diagnosed with hay fever when I was around 1 or 2 years old. I really can't quite understand what you're going through though as I also have asthma not COPD or Bronchiectasis. I was prescribed 'rhinocort', a nasal spray, for years but have also tried lots of over the counter medicines to help my hay fever. It affects my asthma quite a lot so I really have to be on top of it, especially through the spring and summer months. I'm sorry I can't offer you any real advice or tips, but if I do think of anything in particular that's helped me over the years, I'll be sure to let you know! And I really do hope you start to feel better soon and can find something that helps you keep it all managed and under control.

    ♡ Beth

  • One thing people recommend is taking LOCAL honey. Might help.

  • Hi ptliverpool,

    I have asthma, copd and waiting to find out if I have bronchiectasis. I was diagnosed with copd earlier this year, although I have had asthma for years. I have never had hay fever, but these past couple of months I have had a lot of sneezing, smarting eyes and the light hurting my eyes. I was at the doctor yesterday for something else, and the doctor asked about hayfever. It turns out that I have another chest infection so got a weeks course of antibiotics, but he also prescribed Montelukast which improves asthma and seasonal allergy symptoms. I have to finish the antibiotics first, and if symptoms haven't improved then start on the Montelukast. I have never used this drug before, but it may be one that your doctor would consider. It is not a substitute for regular asthma medications, or copd ones, but it may be of help in addition to what you take. It is a prescription only medicine so you will have to see your doctor about it. Good luck. hugs from Huggs xxx

  • Thanks huggs I haven't been to the doctors with this as I can't get an appointment easily but it is worth knowing that there is something that may help if I don't get any better PT xx

  • Hello

    Yes! I never had hay fever until a few years ago and then I was diagnosed with COPD. Pretty weird?

    Take care


  • Hubby developed hay fever last year for the first time in his life and we were given numerous sprays etc., this year has been worse his nose decided to be a dripping tap around March and hasn't stopped since, again all of the sprays but nothing has worked. He also developed an allergy to cows milk and pineapple. Strange this COPD

  • I have mild copd and bronchiectasis. I never did before but now I have awful hayfever. nothing seems to work, so I tried Pollinosan from Holland & Barrets. They are herbal so won't interfere with any meds you are on. if you can pop into their shop and talk to one of their advisors.

  • Hi mustcarryon. You seem to have the same diagnosis as me. Is the Pollinosan a spray or tablets? I will try Holland and Barret. anything is worth a try, my nose is so sore.

  • Hi ptliverpool. They are tablets. I understand what you are saying, during the morning my nose is like a tap, and then later on my nose goes so dry it's unbelievable. I have heard that rubbing a little vaseline just inside your nostrils helps to stop the pollen going up your nose. I'm going to buy a jar and see how it works. Good luck xx

  • Great minds think alike I bought my Vaseline yesterday,nose is not so sore tonight but still ran all day until the sun started to go down.

  • COPD and the medication you take does tend to weaken your auto-immune system I'm afraid. So things like bacteria/dust mites/ pollen all enter your body and reek havoc, simply because your immune system is compromised, consequently there's little to fight the onslaught.

    Antibiotic mostly work for the bacteria (all diagnosed COPD patients should have and emergency supply of antibiotics at home). But all we can do is use Antihistamines for the Hay Fever, I take Loratardine once a day everyday for pollen and dust, they do help and don't interfere with my medication regime. I'm a 20 year sufferer of COPD and my own hay-fever and lactose intolerance worsened once I started of steroid based medication and inhalers.

    Swings and Roundabouts


  • The Chemist gave me Loratadine last year which I am taking again this year and my Chest specialist prescribed Mometasone Ruroate spray last year for the Nasel Drip which he thought maybe making my COPD symptoms worse. I use the spray every day anyway with or without the Hayfever. I was just wondering if anyone else knew of anything better, as these do not seem to be working.

  • Hi pt. I have copd and bronchiectasis like you. I have never suffered from hey fever before but do now . I put Vaseline round my nose and use an app called air text that alerts you to high pollen/ pollution. If it's its high I take 4 puffs of salbutamol before leaving house. Seems to help. The pollen seems to irritate my throat and makes me cough which hurts.

  • I am in the same boat as you..I am indoors as much as i can, but even with the windows closed the blossom pollen is doing me in!

  • Not a good time of year. Nasal spray gives me nose bleeds so just taking antihistamine tablets. Very frustrated and feeling as if my head will burst. So tired.

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