Well I am back!

As some of you knew I was moving house well it carried on the path of trying to upset me as much as it could. Besides splitting my big toe knuckle 3 days before the move, stopping me from driving the hired Luton van. My solicitors sent me a letter explaining that I should have everything ready by 12 noon to vacate so that the buyer can move in. Well I got a very good band of strong fit helpers in to lug al the heavy stuff. And we got pretty much all of it in the van and the few cars we had, bar a few things that the new owner was happy to store in his/my garage for us to pick up once we have dropped the contents off. 1:30 I got a call saying to hand my keys over to my buyer! Homeless! We moved all our wagon train down the road to have a rest while I wait for my phone call to tell me I was no longer homeless. 14:30 I got the call and we were rolling to the new settlement!

We were met with the same van as ours in their parking spot. Please note that I was moving from a 4 bed detached to a 2 bed end terrace. To be told that they are just going with their first load? "Okay which room can we put some of our stuff in then?" "None!" was the reply. "Okay can we at least put the food in the fridge freezer?" "Once we have empted it" I had to limp away at that point.

Once the van had gone I made the decision to put our van in the slot and empty the contents on the back lawn so we could get back to my old house and pick up the last few items. The weather was the only thing on my side it seemed. Even the shed was still full so once I knew what was staying we emptied it. and I put in my garden stuff etc. We watched them load the van so badly and slowly it was not until 17:45 we could get anything in the house.

It was agreed that he could take 3 light fittings from the ceiling as I did at my old house and replaced them with plain fittings. But all I got was live wires hanging from the ceiling. Luckily one of my wonderful helpers was an electrician and sorted me out.

We have broke the back of it but still living out of boxes and finding little surprises broadband up and my life may be a little more relaxed (I Hope)

I went to the fracture clinic last Tuesday to be told the reason my foot is still hurting so much is the fact I have arthritis in my feet and I had such a trauma it has bought back Gout so one more tablet to take for a bit.

Be Well

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  • Good to have you back Offcut and hope the toe is on the mend soon. You certainly had a bit of a day of it didn't you?! Some people are clueless when it comes to moving and you should not have been left homeless or with live wires! What a fiasco for you! Anyway, you seem to be coping well and I do wish you all the very best in your new home. No more moving eh! Take care. xxxx

  • I hope this is the last :)

  • What an experience you have had Offcut thank heavens for willing helpers. Take your time in sorting things out. Enjoy the good weather. Hope your foot is better a.s.a.p. xx

  • I cannot thank them enough

  • Hi nice to see ya back and on the mend .. Defo not a experince i would like to repeat is tramatic .. anyway glad ya back on on the mend of sorts :)

  • yes nice to be back on the www

  • Hiya. x

  • LO :)

  • nice to have you home,x

  • nice to be back

  • That sounds like hard work!! Glad it is all sorted and wishing you a speedy toe recovery TAD xx

  • I have moved 3 times this was the worse and the last 2 were not easy.

  • ive moved a couple of times no thanks to private problems but im ok up to now,sending you n yer family a house warming gift of a house plant,x its invisible as were on the web but its there.x

  • I will make sure it is virtual watered

  • Nice to see you back, it never rains but it pours! Happiness and more happiness to you in your new home,huff xxx

  • Thank you

  • Wishing you every happiness in your new home....

    Won't take too long to settle in and get everything back

    how you like it. Then sit back with a bottle of fizzy 'pop' and note just how well you did.


  • my pop comes with a ring pull ;)

  • Glad you survived the move!

  • me too!

  • Ho Offcut, I know the feeling of living with boxes. I moved to Whitstable while I was pretty ill and pretty short of breath. My wife helped me, but I had to assemble the table and the chairs which had become flat pack!!! It takes a bit of time! I guess it will take a bit of time for your feet to recover as well!

    But the good news is, you have a new place - I'm glad your electrician friend sorted out the live wires!!!

    Welcome to your new home! may you find it warm and pleasant!

  • Thank you for your kind words.

    The people before had a thing about shelves they are everywhere! They where both about the same height as us, but they are all high up and my wife cannot reach them so I have been taking them down but he has used the biggest longest fixings he could!

    With the toe and the gout which seems to affect my breathing I have been huffing and puffing my way though all the jobs.

  • I'm sorry Offcut just read your post! Sound like a bit of a nightmare, but hope your ok and beginning to settle into your new home x

  • slow but sure.

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