Mp's and IIDB like really and Asbestos Cement Macule

Mp's and IIDB like really and Asbestos Cement Macule

Yep had quite a lucid day so thought ad do so work before a forgot ... One was IIDB appeal well i looked at letter saying my appeal had been refused a few times b4 penny dropped.

Must be flaw in my character misinturpatin stuff .. anyway yep after few break's reads yep courts tribural are taking mick.

So one of those on receiving end was my mp ... why for hiding of course.

Anyway told him a would like to appeal .. and he refused LIKE really what is he playing at ... well that was it he got it too

Apartly experts at tribural say you cant get pneumoconiosis from asbestos .. You can only get it from a cole mine after 20 years NOW i know am not member of academic classes or academic just yet but thay do need to give me some credit AS that is tottaly untrue .. as if its asbestos you dont have to of been down a mine to be exposed or min expossure period.

Anyway picture on left is pneumoconiosis coal macule in lung tissue even experts cant dafinatly say if its down to smoking .. But thats similar to what 90 year old lung diease looks like .. Thats what IIDB like to call natruly

occuring lung diease after 90 years of polution smoking good living but when it happens and your not in 90 it should be called occupational lung disease BUT we can guess why its not.

Picture on right is what i coughed up that no one would tell me what it was even blf team was silant on subjects of general interest .. As esp when talking about multiple disease's and occupational lung disease as there is nothing generally natruly occurring about asbestos cement macule

Anyway i did post about dendric cells a wile ago as thats what i thought it was .. Well hoping as its better than black fungus .. But yer am lucky of sorts as it pneumoconiosis bits bobs have been coughing up in lung tissue ... and its nothing like lung sucher material i.e stuff your lung grows back or when a dendric cell as finished trying to clean up as that stuff is as useless eficant as my mp's been.

Anyway had blood test and like plumbob surgested i talked to nurse flutterd my eye lids and asked if she could ask doc about me blood test and checking my ferritin levals ... as i tend to forget stuff and forgot to ask doc at time

She was very nice and agreed and put it down on slip to check

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I really don't know what you think your M.P. can do to help you at this stage. I can understand why you are unhappy with the decision making process but your Member of Parliament cannot, and should not, interfere with that.

Hi huwiehex cheers yer i agree with what you saying but when you cant get any help on intrest of justice and its legal process and letter's a cant see a problems as is just dictating my wishis like any adovcate would.

Also when i asked him to find out about this hole asbestos in food bussness and clarify what that as to do with my claim nothing was done.

I dont know about judicial eregularises but my mp will and thats the issue

It looks to me like there as been back room chat with tribural and its un just processes .. Its like thay have said stop helping him and al have no choise to drop my case.

Not that ad let somthing like that stop me anyway .. but under law i am intitaled to fair and just hearing and under the oath of office clowns like judges take i should be able to defend my claim by what ever means are open to me

Have you not already done that? And it seems that you lost. It seems to me that the only avenue open to you now is to seek a Judicial Review. Which would cost you a LOT of money.

Av not lost yet can genraly only lose somthing if had it to begine with .. Yer we are having spat over my right to appeal .. and them setting aside there wrong decision based on error of law

Hi Daz I can understand you frustration but I don't agree with the last post it was the MP's who set up Atos witch has left this country on its knees and caused so much stress for people like you and me, I know this is different but if your MP could not help why did he get involved in the first place. It is as clear as the nose on your face your lungs have been affected by asbestos all you want is compensation which you are due your not asking for anything you are not entitled to I'm not sure if you saw the programme the other night about people having 26 children and the state paying for them this is what you MP should be fighting good luck mate have a word with Plumbob

Dazisnotsogood..I had to live inna house...full house made of this do in worry!!!yeh !!!they got pulled down when mod place closed gran..grand a lived in same house 60 odd year..had fist from council few year!!not stubid,,they found it up stairs bathroom.. Kitchen..I've begged for 15 year for new kitchen and walk in bathroom!!!guess what they did after a man in white suit came!!

Hi Daz. Justice should be the right of everyone but unfortunately it is not. Politics should not really be involved in health issues but it is. The government appointed ATOS in the first place. So you go on fighting every step of the way, using whoever and whatever you can to make people listen. All the best and good luck. x

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