hi i am 52 suffering from asbestosis stage 3 emphysema and alpha 1 i have bought an oxymeter which shows very different results from what

i am told at lung function tests at local hosp i only sleep a couple of hours per night on waking my spo2 is around 80 which rises on getting up my bp is about 85 on exercise my spo2 can rise to98 with a bp of 145 which slowly overtimedrops. my normal spo2 is around 92 only after sitting still for several hours , as you will all no the breathing headaches and eye pain sometimes border on insufferable .these symptoms have been ongoing for 1 year .I have my second appointment tommorow at tha sleep apnea clinic whose possible diagnosis last time was stress related ( REALLY) i have taken several pictures on my phone of my spo2 below 86 has anybody got any advice on how demanding i should be in trying to get oxygen therapy many thanks

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  • Ad take you phone and show them .. ad also get you gp to tefer you to a occupational therapist as most gp's will nit be intrested in how your living with your condion .. But chats i have had thay are best people to see as docs take what thay say into account

    Might recomend oxygen when ya done ya sleep apnea thing.


  • Headaches can be due to too much carbon dioxide in the blood. I should get that checked out as well. In fact they should do a blood gas test.

  • caring.com/articles/copd-si... click the link, hope it helps xxx

  • I had the co2 test on my ear while upright and it was ok however I do get shocking headaches after sleep and in the day plus migraines. Waiting for another sleep apnea test As I will wake in the night (not all) gasping for breath. My norm is 92/95% upright but I drop 12.2% when flat. I have RLD but worked with asbestos for over 10 years many years ago.

    Hope you get it sorted

    Be Well

  • Take your oxymeter with you and compare their reading against yours, my doctor checked mine with me and found quite a difference, they are apparently very sensitive to the batteries they have in them and to the temperature of your finger.

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