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happy days


today I got my daily living componate [ pip ] letter come thro . I didn't think I wood get bugger all after reading most of posts on hear . well good news is I got enhanced rate on care and enhanced rate on mobility as well .and told wife can get carrers allowance as well .reading all the leaflets it looks like I get free car tax . and I can get a new car on mobility . that would be a new experience .only ever had old ones before probally be to scared to drive a new car . 6 months start to finish . and the sun is shining ,wind has eased ,might sit out side for a while . keep on breathing .

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Oh my goodness Tobydoo,how wonderful,life must be looking good at the moment,so pleased for you.Good on you,we don't get any new cars given us,over here( Aus) so you have one up on us there! You & your wife,must be over the moon.Im sure it's well deserved,take care,love Wendells xxx

billl in reply to Hidden

hi wendells . I have lots of relations in oz down in Melbourne . we are very happy going out for dinner to celibrate . x x x

Well done. Nice to hear a good story. You can pay a one off fee to go into london congestion area and cross some toll bridges too. Did you get help with the forms?

billl in reply to Offcut

hi offcut . didn't know that about London its worth looking at .we went to citizen advice to get forms done . lady there does it as a hobby .

Wonderful news tobydoo spoil yourself and get that car. I am getting my 3rd in August, no worrying about anything, no car tax, no insurance to pay, anything goes wrong they will collect it and bring you another car to use all you have to do is put the petrol in.

Can't wait for my next one.

polly xx

billl in reply to pollyjj

have been looking at cars all morning .what a choise

Suzy6 in reply to billl

Yep tobydoo but a lovely happy choice to make. Enjoy it and here's to many happy happy miles of motoring xx

Fantastic news. Hopefully you can breathe a little easier now your getting a bit of help.

Well done

Kim xxxx

I am just so thrilled for you tobydoo - it will make such a difference to you - brilliant and uplifting to hear.

Wendells hun we don't get an allowance and a car in the UK - you lease the car from the allowance - still incredibly helpful though and allows some disabled folks to travel to and keep working and thereby paying tax - so it is vital for may peoples wellbeing and independence. I hope you will soon get something similar in Aus hun.

love cx

Great news for you. A car makes such a difference, but when selecting one think about what might happen in the three years. If you are going to need a mobility scooter or a wheel chair make sure you get a car that they will fit in easily, and think about the person who has to lift it into the boot. Luckily mine was just at the end of it's contract when we discovered our mistake, the new car has a much lower boot so my poor wife can lift the bits of my scooter in without a problem. Motability is a wonderful system and has a great team of people on the end of the phone

Well that's good news tobydoo and gives a ray of hope to those just starting a claim. If you go for a car enjoy it with your wife. Although it's all small sums it makes a big difference to many peoples life' s, including being able to get out and about. Best Wishes

Hi Tobydoo great news how long did you have to wait and did you have to have a medical the reason I ask I just filled in a form for PIP I got someone to do mine

billl in reply to onamission

hi onamission it has taken about 6 mouths . we had a very nice lady from c. a. b fill out our forms for us . didn't really have a medical we went to a atos center and talked a young girl who did a acessment she had forms with loads of set questions . but at end of each bit asked if we wanted to add anything to it .

onamission in reply to billl

I hope mine goes as smooth but I still think we should be awarded automatically instead of putting us through all the stress.

congratulations on ur award !

briliant !