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going from dla to pip who has got wot?

has anyone gone from low dla rates to higher rates and more awards than before?

id like to know if the above has happened to anyone so basically is anyone had a better payout or award than before?

ive alos aske the dwp for a breakdown through

(Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

can you please tell me the current awards made to people who had

been getting dla to the new pip and how many have not got the award

of pip from going to dla please?

can i have a breakdown of the figures please upto 28/05/2014.

also id it possible to find out how many gor the new pip and higher

payments than they had on the old dla please?)

as thats a very handy source of information !

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Not sure if dwp will give you this info,,most people i know on dla are staying on dla,,,I certainly would not tell anybody what i was gettting, whether it be pip or dla,,to me thats a private matter between dwp and myself,,,,


if ur over 65 then you will stay on dla if not like everyone else then any award even if life time will be scrapped !

and im not asking figures im not interested if anyone had got the higher rate than they had under the old dla

and i also wouldnt put up up full rates either as im waiting on my pip award and i just wanted to know if anyone got a better award under the new pip as that has replaced all dla awards now even lifetime are not worth the paper there printed on ! so most people you know will need to be over 65 to stay on there dla as thats the facts.

and i would think the dwp will give me the stats on it as under law they have too as im not asking for names and that either.....

i hope this clears up this matter as it was clearly set out when i asked the question but people do just jump in before thinking.


I don't really know the answer to that one. I do know though that if you are under retirement age and on DLA that when you have apply for PIP you might lose it if you currently get lower rate DLA. The lower rate is disappearing and PIP will only be middle and higher rate. PIP also concentrate on not so much the illness but how it affects you so I guess some people would get higher and others wouldn't. x


Interesting question. I can't help but would like to know if you get a response from the DWP!

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There was a recent case were some one asked the DWP for information under TFIA and it was refused as it was in their words vexatious. It did go to court and the man in question did win but only in part. It seems he posted that more should ask as well after he had sent in his claim.


I would be most surprised if you got ANY response from DWP under this government as they have no idea what is going on and don,t care.Let us know if you do.D.


Have you had a look at this site - may be of some help ;


Interesting! I am due to be assessed for PIP next year. Yesterday I got a text which said someone had assessed my claim for PPI and knew how much I would get if I applied! I should text back 'Send' and they would send me a form.

This was pretty strange as I had not made previous enquiries about PIP. I racked my brains trying to think how that had happened, and how they knew how much I would get, if I hadn't yet filled in a form.

An hour or so later, the penny dropped- it was about someone trying to get me to apply for PPI (Payment Protection), not PIP! :)

So I still don't know what will happen when I apply for PIP but would certainly like to know how others have got on. Keep us posted with any further information! Thanks x


sorry, that must have been about compensation for overpaid PPI.


hello everyone

yes it is a bit of a mixed bag really to who will get wot or more like who will lose out !

i will keep everyone upto date with any information i get back from the dwp via the freedom of information act on figures.

***its maybe worth noting i also managed to get a concession bus pass under the mental health team for my depression/anxiety that goes hand in hand with emphysema/copd and that was without any dla at all !

it has helped me a lot and is vital for getting out when the panic attacks happen.

it may well be worth looking to get the forms from a local source like a library or that as i did that here in scotland but its maybe worth looking into as it helps in theses times of need.

i also hope everyone is keeping well and looking forward to maybe some sun soon well we can all dream can we not?

many thanks so far to all who is reading this and keeping out case for us all and others who really need this help to get out and about !


I think if you ask under the freedom of information act as long as you don't ask for details about a person they can not refuse.

Sadly we have the labour party to blame for this mess they changed the benefit rules and took on Atos giving them the go ahead to do what they wanted as long as people like us were taken off benefits they did not care, then Mr Cameron came to power and lacking in brain cells thought Atos was a winner so continued with the system that does not work.

I applied for DLA after a year I was turned down I have now applied for PIP I'm not expecting to hear anything until I retire the system is a mess and no one cares good luck


yes it was labour who brought all this in long ago and well it does not work it was never going to work and all its done has made people who are ill as it is even more ill with worry.

it is upsetting that us disabled people are treat with such contempt its disgusting to be honest with you all.


I think it would be worth writing to all leaders of the parties asking if they were lucky enough to be voted in at the next election what would you do to improve the benefits system and then post the replies on hear

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DLA is a fixed for over 65's

PIP requires you to keep account of what / how you spend it.

If you go onto the DWP site they will tell you what DLA rates are but PIP will vary according to your needs, but they want to know what you do with the money!


I do not think you can go from PIP to DLA as PIP is designed to replace it.

If you are over 65 you could claim attendance allowance which can replace both benefits ... but a lot of paperwork of repeated questions designed to trip you up ... but then every benefit comes with a catalouge of forms.


Attendance Allowance is finishing PIP will be the only award for over 60s soon I am 65 next week been on DLA for 13 yrs it finishes in Sept so been informed I have to apply for PIP should have paperwork as I have a lot of medical conditions which will be with me for life a lot of paperwork so going to CAB as they will do the paperwork for me


Hi Roger if you are after information use the freedom of information request then they have to answer!


well after a long hard fight the letter came this morning...

i didn't have to endure a medical or home visit after i got a letter from doctor to confirm wot they already know and have done for years lol...

moderately server copd/emphysema with depression and the lovely panic attacks that come as standard with anxiety....

so the 3 year award is enhanced care & again standard mobility which i had under the old dla system.

so a wee upgrade to enhanced care is brill plus the standard mobility is great as i will get bus pass again without going down the mental health route ie depression.

i hope everyone is as lucky with there pip as i have been.

i was on low rate mobility under dla so im not sure i will get anything back dated from may 2014 & my old dla was up in oct 2014 but they paid that out till the award of pip so not sure although i believe my esa will go up so need to wait & see.


It all depends how many points you earned when they did the PIP Interview. You can look up PIP online & it will tell you what is what


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