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Firework hi everyone and wishing you all a happy bank Holliday weekend,after telling me I am on oxygen full time I have now been told it is

Only going to be overnight so I am feeling very happy managed to sit in sun on Sunday just for half an hour got a nice little colour, and went to the towngate theatre Basildon to see buddy holly and jerry lee Lewis,, not the real ones of course,I was rocking and a rolling whilst sitting in my seat , I had to take it easy the next day but it was worth it.u

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Hey Firework - Thank you for the happy holiday wish - lets hope its a good one. Well that will make things easier if you are just on oxygen overnight. We went to see Buddy Holly etc. in York earlier this year - fab show. I wish you too a very happy bank holiday, with lots of love TAD xx


Oh Firework I would just loved to have been there. I would have joined you rocking in our chairs and singing our hearts out.xx Have a good Bank Holiday.


Although you have to have the oxygen overnight you can have it on during the day if you want. I'm on 15 hours, mainly at night, but if, like now, I'm on my laptop, I have it it on. Every little bit helps ! :)