Solving the inhaler problem!

Saw the asthma nurse yesterday and she has changed my prescription so that I get 4 inhalers a month, This means that I can change weekly instead of trying to guess when it is running out. She has also reassured me about the high dosage. I need this at present because of my complex condition. I cant use the accuhalers as I need to use a spacer. Thanks again to all of you who offered advice. It really helps to know that others out there have the same difficulties. Keep positive and have a good day.

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  • Glad to hear that you have help from your nurse. Good News. TAD xx

  • Hi Darth, I'm glad you got this problem sorted out. You obviously have complex problems and you are being well looked after by your asthma nurse, and, have found a way to sort out the amount of medication left in your inhaler. Take care. hugs xx

  • Thanks for letting us know Darth. Good news and it sounds like you have good care :)

  • How lovely you are getting such good care!

    Keep well,love Wendells xx

  • I have a tiny set of jewellers scales and weigh my inhalers.

    I weigh each type of inhaler one just once, then again when they are empty, works a treat and I never run out.

  • hey - that's brilliant termite !! :)

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