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Good Afternoon - I hope you are all having a great day - the sun is shining here, doesn't life seem much easier when the sun is shining and the flowers are in bloom?

I haven't posted for sometime because things have seemed to be stable with my husband (as I touch wood and cross fingers!) He seems to have found a more suitable blood pressure tablet and the COPD seems more or less under control. APART from (isn't there always an apart from?) he is becoming much more anxious. When he finished the Pulmonary Rehab course in November last year he was given the number of the anxiety nurse but decided against it. He has asked if I could make him an appointment at the Doctors which is great that he has acknowledged it but wondered if any of you had any advise and if there were any pertinent questions I should be asking the Doctor etc.

Thank you, with much love TAD xx

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Hi Tad, good to hear from you and I do agree about the sunshine, it brings a smile to my face. Sorry to hear that your hubby is suffering from anxiety though. What triggers it? Is he anxious more during the day, evening or night? If you still have the number for the anxiety nurse then give her a call or just mention it to your GP. Try and write things down so you know exactly what you want to say. Good luck to you and hope things improve.

Take care and thinking of you and hubby. xxxx


Toci, thank you very much for the link. It's really really useful. xxxx Peeg

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Dear Tad, I do so wish I knew of something that could help you. You are ALWAYS so helpful to all the people that you reply to on here, and I would love to help you in some way too.

I agree with Sassy re trying to ring that nurse, she sounds ideal to deal with this.

I am sure, knowing how you look after your hubby so well, that you have tried re-assuring him yourself, so I feel that you are thinking this anxiety is reaching the sort of level that perhaps requires medical help..perhaps just some tranquillizing medicine, would calm him inside

Good luck

Love Sohara

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Hi, it has been a glorious few days with the sun shining, that pesky blackbird singing his little heart out next to the bedroom window and the scenery changing as everything blossoms. It is good that your hubby has asked to see the doctor, if you get the chance try and speak to the doctor beforehand or perhaps call the nurse and explain that you are doing this without their knowledge, they are very good at "just calling to see how you are doing". I have lost count of the amount of times that I have done something similar and I understand about the anxiety, sometimes I feel like I have a permanent shadow. Hope it all goes well for you and that they find something to help him. x

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Can't add to what the others have said Tad but your love, care and concern I think is wonderful. He is one lucky man. The anxiety nurse sounds a good bet. She will probably know how to gently coax the reason from your Husband.

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Hi Tad, I've suffered with anxiety in the past and I'm sorry to say no amount of reassurance from hubby or friends could stop it. So really the only way to help your hubby is for him to chat to a professional anxiety nurse or dr. Can I also say you need to look after yourself too. Your hubby is one lucky man.

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Thank you all for your really helpful replies - now have a plan! Will be talking to the nurse and doctor. Better to deal with this while he wants to. You are all very kind about me - I am just doing what all of you would in my situation and probably are doing! Take good care and look after yourselves, TAD xx

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Hi Tad, I'm not sure if this will help..... I've not had an anxious personality in the past but I have noticed over the last 2/3 years of the lung issues worsening (I'm only mild/moderate copd +moderate asthma) I'm easily falling into a more anxious, stressy state. I don't know if this is par for the course. Even my kids have said "cripes mum, you're so stressy these days". I find myself having to stop in my tracks sometimes and do some very deep breathing to kick start a change. It's hard to deal with having always been a calm person, always calm in a crisis or the most fearful situations.

It's frustrating not being able to understand the physiological changes we undergo as well as the underlying emotional stuff ie having to deal with the loss of your previous healthy self and joi de vie not to mention thinking about ones future.

I really don't mean to sound sexist but I do think it may be more difficult for men who don't express their emotions as easily as women.

I must remember to speak to the respiratory nurse next time, she may have some answers.

Tad, I too think your family are so lucky to have you :) (and so are we, bless you). xxxx peeg


hi tad, yes it does make a difference to all when the sun is shining and the weather good.

unfortunately there are some folks prone to anxiety, its not their fault, then there are others that anxiety can creep up on at certain times, i think weve all suffered some sort of anxiety, at some time or other,but my thoughts in your husbands case, is , at least he has now admitted it, therefore can go forwards now, and as far as his appoint with the g,p is really just tell him exactly that, he maybe now be able to speak with this anxiety nurse, surely the g.p can put him in touch with the proper medic, for the proper job, i do wish you good luck and hope this anxiety problem can wane a bit.

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