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Hiya guy's, just a quick one. Has anyone who has got an indefinite/lifetime award for D.L.A(& is under 65)had to apply for P.i.P.?just

curious that's all. It's because I was told that I didn't need to worry about having to apply by the decision maker who recently sorted out my reclaim due to the change in my circumstances/health.

You all take care and breathe easy Aidi x :-)

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Hi Aidi, I have been wondering the same thing. I am on indefinite DLA and wonder if I will have to be reassessed or reapply for pip. My health has become worse since my original application, but I have not informed them (I know I am suppose to), because I thought I might have to go for a medical assessment now, and I am awaiting further diagnosis. In my area pip will not start to happen until next year, so I'll wait and see what happens next with my health and then find out more. Hope someone who knows answers you. Good luck hugs xx

Cheers for that huggs,like you pip doesn't start here for a while either so in kinda limbo at the moment. I do know that I was told that because my award was now indefinite it wouldn't affect me (& this was the decision maker). Good luck with your medical stuff,hope everything goes smoothly. Take care and breathe easy Aidi :-)

It's my understanding that for those on indefinite DLA they will start in October 2015 inviting re-application for PIP. This allegedly will continue over a three year period and it is anyone's guess at what date you will actually be contacted to do so.


Thanks for that :-)

The easy option is to complete the online questionnaire.

Having a indefinite award is not taken into account.

When you will be invited to apply depends on you postcode, but you can

be assured you will be asked.

The mobilty rules have changed, the walking limit is now 20 metres.

There is no lower rate people who receive lower rate care will be at a disadvantage.

There is no no night time care,.. So people who receive middle rate care based solely on night time care will at a disadvantage.. Also people who receive high rate care based on daytime and night time will at a disadvantage.

The PIP care component is based number of hours over a numbers of days.

Hence the need to seek qualified advice when completing your claim form

If you have an award as a result of a renewal, or change of circumstances.

Then your DLA will stay in force.

Further reading.


Thanks for this information stone, it is very helpful. Keep well and take care. hugs xx

I got indefinite DLA on my last renewal a year ago. My understanding is that I WILL have to be assessed for PIP when they get around to me!

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I was awarded indefinite DLA last year I was one of the last to apply, I was rejected at first put in an appeal but it didn't get that far someone overturned the rejection, I get high rate mobility and middle care I wasn't told I would have to reapply.

Kim xx

You deserve it Kimmy :)


I'm on indefinate high-level DLA & high rate Mobility ..... have been for the past 5-years or so. I'm 62 & end-stage COPD. As far as I can see I don't think our area gets round to PIP until 2017/8, by which time I hope I'm still around & if I am I'll probably be back to wearing nappies & drawing a pension.

I don't/can't work & don't claim JSA or any other benefits .......

Not sure what happens to DLA/PIP after I start drawing a pension. Lots of bridges to cross between now & then .......


Just a quick question does anyone on this site get DLA, PIP or EAS support group with COPD level 3 ?

Hiya onamission, I'm in the support group and as you know just been given a indefinite award for D.L.A ( high rate care and mobility)but I've been getting E.S.A since before I got Emphysema. Hope this helps you out? Take care and breathe easy Aidi x :-)

Thank you Aidi I just thought because I was not on oxygen this is why I was turned down really don't know what to think anymore I'm level 4 COPD and have lung capacity of 87 year old

Same here level 4 and lungs of a 90yr old. Not bad for 45 lol. Aidi x :-)

Hi Aidi do you get the benefits because you have a lung problem or do you have other medical problems. I still think we should be awarded automatically because our lungs are not going to improve

I have Dystymia, which is severe depression, similar to bipolar but the low mood can last for months before you get slightly up. Also suffer from severe stress and anxiety which can bring on extreme panic attacks. I was also a chronic alcoholic for 28yrs but been stopped drinking for 4yrs now. Hope that answers some of your questions and hopefully you'll get something sorted out soon. Take care and breathe easy Aidi x :-)

Congratulations giving up the drink mate can't be essay I know what it was like when I gave up the cigs take care x

Hi . If you recieve indefinite dla you do have to claim pip but doesn't come in until 2015 . I'm in same boat x

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