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Hi all. Very new to this site for my mother. Any natural remedies/tips on dealing with Emphysma/COPD? Currently looking into Salt Caves???


My mother has coped with the disease for over 5yrs now but recently we've seen her deteriorate with 4courses of antibiotics/steroids in the last 6months. I'm just looking for some advice. The GP has not been very forthcoming with info!?

Many thanks in advance


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Hello Kellykoo85. The main thing I can suggest is to keep active. Has she been to Pulmonary Rehabilitation ?

I'm sure others will be along soon to add other sugestions.

My mum hasn't had PR just yet. She just keeps getting messed around by her docs. One minute she's entitled to PR and the next she's not! Apparently you have to be graded to get onto this rehabilitation course??? Because she still works(although has now reduced her hours) she doesn't hit grade 3 just yet to qualify!? Any advice would be very helpful. It's just awful seeing my mum slowly give us on the doctors and tbh just seems fed up for trying to get help and getting nowhere with the NHS

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copd.about.com/od/exercisea... and ring the nurses up Monday morning 03000 030 555 and have a chat with them,

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Thank you for the info. I will ring them :-D

As far as I know there is no " stage " a person has to be at to qualify for PR. Tell your doc to sort it. I have a good doc and he sorted mine straight away. Has she got a pulmonary consultant ?

Oh really. Well my mum doesn't have a PR consultant? Should the doctor arrange this too? Sorry with all the questions. I've done so much research but we are unable to do anything unless the doc refers herI'm guessing?? A complaint letter is well under way due to the lack of care over 5years now! Thanks for your response too.

I had to change my doctor to get things done. My other one was useless. My new doc saw me 2 days after I got moved to him and on that same day he said he'd arrange for an appointment with a PR consultant which he did. My doc's field isn't respiratory but he will try and do what he can. My PR consultant gave me proper and thorough tests and then prescribed the proper medicines. My overall wellbeing improved significantly since then.

That's really good to hear and I'm pleased you've improved too. I will certainly be on the doctors case. Thanks for all the info.


Hi Kelly nice to meet you. I would be careful what you google on lung disease - there is some very good advice out there but a lot of dodgy stuff too. Best to stick to recognised sites such as this and the NHS site etc. The best thing for COPD (emphysema comes under that umbrella) is for your mum to stop smoking (if she does), eat a good diet and exercise. PR is a very good idea. There are no magic cures and I am not a believer in things like salt pipes or such like although others may differ. Good luck x

Hi Kelly.

I bought a salt pipe and used it for about a month, I didn't notice any change in my breathing so stopped using it.

Please don't waste time and money on salt caves....I can honestly tell you no one is forthcoming about COPD as there is no cure for damaged lungs i am afraid. I nursed my darling husband for the past 4 years with COPD and no one ever gives you the truth. He passed away in september and was on oxygen at home 24/7....He had district nurses dress his poor ulcerated legs.....and other health issues. Look after your mum as best you can, get her out and about in the sunshine make every day special for her.....give her your love and time, COPD is horrid. Take care and be brave for her.

Thank you so much for your feedback everyone. Condolences to you 'main carer.' my thoughts are with you. My mum hasn't had PR. Can she get this info from her doc or I've seen I can get the info on here which I guess is easier. Mum still works full time and is still fully able which is surprising me so much after reading and now seeing how much of a battle everyday can be for her. It's only just starting to worsen which is quite scary to see tbh as she has always been on the go.. Mum gave up smoking around 7years ago and is constantly keeping busy. I want to get all the info and advice now for her to help along the way. With regards to receiving any benefits of any kind, would mum only be able to receive them if she didn't work? I will be speaking to the advice bureau but thought I'd ask the question in advance. Many thanks x

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