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My recently departed relative purchased the above machine in September 2012 for £1,900 and has used it 4 times whilst away on holiday.It was purchased from InterMedical and is in excellent condition.It has a black carry case and 2 Lithium Rechargeable Batteries.Weight of Concerntrator 1,75lbs.Will accept £500 for quick sale.West Midlands area,but will post if unable to collect.

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I have left a message on your phone.Please contact me urgently only I have other people interested in the oxygenator.Thanks,Steve

Hi Steve!

See that you already have someone interested however I will submit my offer to you. Blame it on one finger typing for taking so long.

I would love to take advantage of your offer at a price I am at last able to afford, but when it comes to money there are always questions to be asked. Like buying replacement Cannula's, new filters and where to purchase an air belt and the adapter with which to attach it to the Airsep concentrator.

Then there is payment and postage, my power chair wouldn't quite make it to the MIdlands. Still I suppose there is always the old fashioned cheque, if you have had the item since 2012 waiting a couple of days to have it clear shouldn't be a problem.

Good luck with your sale if I am unable to solve the questions which I am having a difficult time finding answers to at the moment.

Computing in my Eighties is becoming quite a task. LOL!

Hi hope your well.I am not able to sell you the Oxygenator yet as I am waiting for someone to call me back.Your query over the replacement extra parts,maybe worth calling Intermedical on 01752 522444.As soon as I have made contact I will of course let you know if it is still available.You type pretty well for an 80 year old by the way lol.Steve

hello,the first customer has checked the machine out for his wife and it isn't powerful enough,so your next in line if your interested still.Please confirm your renewed interest asap.Thanks,Steve

really interested in this - could you please though sell it for less even a little. Am a pensioner so money so tight. Going again to Royal Brompton next week and eager to try anything that would help me. Sorry to be a pain. And appreciate your reply . Thank you.

sorry I cant sell it for less as I have 2 other people who are interested.If for any reason it becomes available I will contact you and let you know.Many thanks and good luck at Royal Brompton next week.Steve

so grateful for your curitsy in reply and I thank you so much. I completly understand. thank you.

thank you for your curtisy in reply I completly understandl. thank you

Good morning.I am hoping to sort the sale out today.Are you still interested at £475.00.Let me know asap please.Steve


For people interested in buy the above, I have one these and providing you are ok on 2 lpm. And your respitory nurse says such a device is suitable. It will be a excellent purchase , I have just completed my six minute walk test using mine and there was no problem.

The battery belt cost £540 which I also have , not a good choice you would be better buying extra small battery's £149 each and use the in car charger.

Cannular can be purchased as the seller indicates.

As you are probably on oxygen you own supplier will supply them. 1,2 m

If you are not on oxygen you will need an assessment. As such equipment is only sold on receipt of a prescription when purchased from the supplier .

I live in New Zealand i have copd and find it hard to breath i was told about the AirSep Focus would help me but they are so dear i would like to buy it .

I am on limted income would i be able to pay it off

Hi,Thank you for your interest.What do you mean by paying it off?Let me know your thoughts ?Steve

hie steve my nane is kevin

I have advanced COPD and i am on a sickness and don:t get much money

I would like to if it is alright with you pay it off {your 500 pounds is $..1500 nz}

I am on a sickness benefit and don:t get much but can pay $500nz a month

did you sell the machine yet

Have you sold this machine, I would like to buy it if not.

Thank you

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