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What a lovely bunch you are, thank-you all so much for your kind getwell messages.

I have managed the stairs today so things are on the up and Im moving at last.Dont get me wrong I love my bed,but boy isnt it so uncomfortable when your stuck in it for a while!Im looking forward to my dinner havnt had any proper meals for so long am craving my vegetables,yes it will be late but I dont care,with a little help with the oven as my bending not good,im having roast chicken roast potatos cabbage carrots and peas with yorkshire pudding and lashings of gravy mmm.Thank-you all you are friends indeed :) Right gotta stick the yorkshire in the oven now.Im so excited about dinner you wouldnt believe,daft old bat Iam :D See you all real soon :) Janexx

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Long lungs, great to hear your feeling better, watch the yorks hires are not soggy.. Take care, lol


Your not wrong Philbal almost had a breakdown after making the yorkshire that some other helpful person has put the self raising in with the plain flour,have just had a peep and its rising so very good so far.Thank-you i feel like ive joined the human race just by coming downstairs. :) Janexx

Yippie, she's up! Thank heavens, very good to hear from you. Enjoy that dinner :) :) :)


Lol Oh yes indeedy Iam thank goodness,its so good to see everybody,arnt we lucky to have each other a great site to be part of.The veggies are on now not long to wait :) Janexx

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Hi Jane.

Great you are up and about again. You've earned that dinner!

Just hope you don't do too much too soon. You're still fragile.

Take good care of yourself. Sara xx

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Hi Sara how are you ? yes Im on the mend damn back and neck,Ive never had both at the same time before!Its good to have new experiences in life this is one i hope i dont get again though lol yes its nearly dishing up time,ialways need help with that, too hot and to much to do quickly if you want your food hot I will stir the gravy.Gotta dash now theres eating to be done :) Janexx

Hullo, L.L. good to read your message, and see how you are getting on. I dont do so much forum chatting at the moment because there is too much going on in my life. But I do like to chat whenever. Thank goodness I was put on Azithromycin. It has made such a difference. But the air around Roston is bad - it will be better soon when we have our housemove.

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Hello pergola nice to hear from you yes Im heading in the right direction for sure now thank-you.Yes that Azithromycin seems to help a lot of people glad its working for you especially with all you have going on.Do you have a moving date? and hows your hubby doing?Your be up by the coast wont you so some lovely sea air for you both.I would love to live by the sea.Takecare and keep as well as you can the pair of you. :) Janexx

So so great to see you again jane, it's wonderful you've an appetite, you should be sitting down with your dinner now, hope it's double yummy, in fact I'm that close to picking up my knife and folk and joining you, wishing you speedy recovery x x x

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Nice to see you too medow hope your well now havnt you had a few chesty probs ?

Dinner ticked all the boxes just couldnt eat it all eyes bigger than! but what i had was delish oh yes did you enjoy yours lol? Yes now that Im up I will get there,my neck is fine just the back now.Thank-you so much for your kind words.See you soon and keep well :) Janexx

Good to see you back, Jane. x

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Hi there Toci nice to hear from you thank-you for your support I do feel so lucky to have met so many lovely people here.Hope you are keeping well yourself? :) Janexx

So pleased your up and tucking in to a really scrumptious dinner! Bon appetite! keep on getting better,huff xxx

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Hi huff oww it was scrumptious too,felt like Id just come out of the jungle savouring every mouthful lol mmm!Thank-you for being there with your support,does mean a lot and really cheers you up when your not well.Hope you are keeping well? Takecare :) Janexx

((((((Jane)))))) so nice to see you posting again, but please don't overdo things... enjoy your meal, but remember to rest after it! Back pain is such a bother, and takes it's own sweet time to heal, so please be patient! Take care :) x

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Hi initial no I wont my back feels like a very stretched elastic band so do need to treat it with respect!I was given temgesic tablets that melt under your tongue they are some kinda morphine but made me feel so sick and tired,Ive stopped taking them now my neck is ok theres only the one pain so have valium tramadol and solpadoles it doesnt take all the pain away but does help .Dinner was the 'nuts' my eyes were bigger than but i didnt do bad fat and full now.I feel a bit of a drama queen but me and pain just dont mix,I could never have been a spy that was to be tortured Id have told them everything they wanted to know and some lol! Thank-you for the huggles much appreciated initial,hows your creeky old back coz youve been having probs with yours too plus youve had pneumonia do hope your are at last going in the right direction yourself?Be well be happy :) Janexx

Whats for pud ??? Enjoy ......mind you ,you,ll have had it. By now. .take care ,keep getting better , nite n bless. Sue x

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Hi Sue I know didnt give pud a second thought all i could think of was fresh veggies,now im thinking cake and custard but too late now will have to be some choccy when i go up lol .Thank-you for caring hows you doing ? Hope your well :) Janexx

Whats for pud ??? Mind you ,you,ll have finished by now and tucked up in bed ,! Stay strong keep getting better and good luck. ...nite n bless sue. X

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Sue long time no see lol,yes all full up now will be mounting those stairs soon will let my food go down some more first coz tummy squashing the old lungs at the min. See you soon now :) Janexx

Hi Longlungs.Sooo glad your on your feet at long last,you know what they say (you can't keep a good woman down).I got the hibernator out today and had a little run out down to my sister and had a nice chat and tea and biccies very nice too.I hope you get well enough to kick start Gerty and hit the road.Be well soon.Love.Bengunn.xxx

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Hello Bengunn how good to see you yes im not to bad getting there thank-you.Hey get you getting the hibernator out well done that sounds nice a chat with a cuppa and biccies Im jealous! I cant wait to get back out there ,need to get my puppy used to me and gertie so I can take him out for walks during the next months.Are you recovered now you wernt well yourself were you with dodgy chest ? takecare of yourself and I will see you soon :) Janexx

Welcome back Longlungs and don't overdo it, we can't be doing with you going awol again. xx

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Ahh bless your heart casper and thank-you its good to feel back in the land of the living again.As I said to initial Id have been useless as a captured spy just the threat of torture id have given them all the information they wanted,me and pain no mix. lol. How are you doing at the moment do hope your well and happy? :) Janexx

Hahaha, I wouldn't make a good spy for the same reason Jane. I'm not feeling too bad at all, thanks for asking. I'm on my 8th week not smoking, (Ecig.) and I can't put the knitting down. Keep on keeping on, our little ray of sunshine. xxx

8 weeks, wow! Keep it up, you are nearly there. xx

Thats brilliant 'shes doing it oh yer shes doing it wayhay' can just see you clickety clacking those needles furiously lol bless its helping so keep on knitting what are you making? How you feeling? Damn good I hope and so you should. :) :) :) Janexx

I was knitting a sweater - until I managed to unravel the back whilst trying to finish the neck band. I ended up having to unravel the lot. Always have trouble with the necks. So, I'm going to knit a cardi instead. This knitting lark is costing a bomb.Haha.

Hi Jane,how wonderful you are back,you have been missed!

Your tea must have tasted like a banquet! Very good sign that,keep going in the right direction!

By the way,did Gertie get fixed,after your adventure?

Take it easy,one step at a time eh?

Hugs & love Wendells xxxx

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Hi Wendells ahh thank-you so much for caring everyone has been great.Dinner was fantastic doing a merry dance on my tastebuds lol!

Yes my Gertie came back a few weeks ago now it was her brakes,they said they had never experienced this before? Well there really is a first time for everything!But shes good to go and I cant wait to get back out there.My Bailey is not to keen on the lead at the min,a few weeks back Iwent over the park with the boys and when it was time to come back he would not budge noway hose.Sothe boys put him between my feet on Gertie and I held his lead so he couldnt just leap off if he fancied,he just leaned into my legs and just chilled quite happily till we got back,so crafty. :p

Hows you and hubby doing Wendells what goes on down there in Aussie at the min?

Yes back feels quite good Im not pushing it though,but definitely getting there for sure :)

Keep well and be happy see you soon. :) Janexx

Hello Ll,

Now you're talking, I love nothing better than roast beef and Yorkshire puds you lucky person you,lol hope you enjoyed every mouth full. Now for this morning are you going for the full monty breakfast? With fried mushrooms black pudding fried bread crispy smoked bacon, irish sausage, healthy grilled tomatoes, baked beans and a couple of fried eggs!

I am really happy for you and welcome back, the sun is shining here so I'm going to sit in the garden and enjoy my breakfast now.

Take care

SSBD Peter

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Hi Peter oh yes indeed I do love my roast and I did enjoy every mouthful,satisfied what I was looking for mmm! Having the full monty for brekkie is generally a weekend thing the only difference is we have tinned chopped tomatoes with an oxo and a spoon of sugar in which is how my dad used to do it mmm!good for fresh bread and butter to mop up with,oh stop it its only tuesday lol.

Do hope youve enjoyed your day the weather has been glorious here to,just to see the sun makes things just a little better all round.Keep well happy days my friend. :) Janexx

Morning Jane - how great it is to hear you are starting to feel better. Hope dinner was as good as it sounded! Lots of love TAD xx

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Hi TAD thank-you im feeling much better coming downstairs has really lifted me.Oh boy dinner was the bees knees,now im craving homemade steak n kidney pudding with mash and greens,will need to buy some kidney first though later in the week .Hope your well yourself Tad ?and hows that hubby of yours doing did I read he was a little under at the mo ?Onwards and upwards eh? Keepwell :) Janexx

So nice to hear from you again,you had us all worried, that dinner sounds great I am dribbling at the thought, you enjoy, build yourself up, take things slowly, lots love H.xx

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Hi Heather how the devil are you?Im not to bad thank-you definitely heading in the right direction now thank goodness.Dinner was sublime do like my meat and two veg so to speak.Yes I too was drooling waiting for it to cook the smells mmm..Cant wait to get out on Gertie it seems like ages now since ive been out.What have you been up to recently?Stay well keep smiling :) Janexx

Good to hear you are feeling a bit better Jane. Hope you enjoyed your dinner :d x

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Thank-you coughalot yes im on the mend thankfully.Oh boy did I,they were the flavours I was wanting and it went down a treat.A simpler one tonight just spag bol,Ive got back into spaghetti lately did go right off it,Ihave changed recipe a little which is making the difference I think.All good hows you feeling at the moment?Hope your well :) Janexx

Longlungs, I'm glad you are out of bed.I know how difficult it is as I've spent 3 weeks in hospital and two under surveillance of the hospital to home scheme. I had lovely meals at the hospital, but I'm glad to put things in the oven too.

I read on the internet that turkey steaks contain protein the most - on top of beef or lamb! so I'm on turkey steaks at the moment!

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Hi helingmic oh dear you've had a bad trot havnt you,are you getting better a little each day I do hope so.It does take a while doesnt it but we get there in the end by hook or by crook :p

You cant beat your own flavours can you,turkey is one of the few meats that i dont like,it would be the one thats higher in protein,I believe oh cant think of its name another big big bird thats very healthy and full of protein but have never tried it,is it the Ostrich? not sure.

It is great to be up and downstairs I must say ,feel part of the world again now.Im a little hurty this evening so will now be very careful.Please takecare of yourself helingmic,I love your humour in some of your posts really gets my giggler going.Bless you :) Janexx

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Thank you,Jane ;) I eat goat's cheese, but ostrich is not in my back garden!!!!

I have to admit I havnt given goats cheese a fair trial and because I dont know it which one would be good to try?No I have no Ostrich in my garden either :p Janexx

I mentioned goats' cheese because it is supposed to be better digested for those who cannot tolerate milk. I can tolerate milk, so I drink whole milk all the time. I cannot understand why so many people drink semi skimmed or worse skimmed! Milk is a builder up, of course, it contains fat, but we do need a little!

Yes its whole milk for us to helingmic skimmed milk not like milk at all in my book,but I know someone who doesnt tolerate fat coz of gall bladder problems actually loves the stuff.I dont get halumi cheese it makes my teeth squeak with very little flavour like salted bouncy rubber,my daughter eats pounds of the stuff theres no accounting for taste I guess :p Janexx

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Hi Jayne glad your back hope you enjoy your Sunday lunch so lush I have pins and needles in my fingers so peeling and cutting up veg is difficult end up cutting myself and bleed for hours so I go to a local pub for a lunch they do a mean roast I pile my plate up with veg must look like a right pig. xx


Thank-you kindly onamission its good to be back I must say stuck in bed is no fun.Oooer no dont do any chopping thats not good at all do you have Raynaurds syndrome or trapped nerves ?Well thats handy your local doing a mean roast,they normally give you smallish plates when you can help yourself.Im not a big eater but love my food,cant eat large amounts now coz of tummy squashing the old lungoes but I dont do bad :p I also have quite a sweet tooth these days aswell.Stay well good to see you :) Janexx

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Hi Jayne I think its a trapped nerve coming from my back the pins and needles also go up the fore arm to the elbow so I'm better off at my local and no washing up. xx

Ohh onamission are the docs doing anything about it?Completely get the local is best and no washing up im all for that. :) Janexx

When I really do not feel like cooking up the full monty or a real Sunday dinner I take myself off to hospital, their meals are fantastic value for money and are as good as a home cooked meal, and there is a Sunday carvery so I would challenge anybody to eat what you can put on your plate if you want to, you can even go back for seconds of veg', the gravy has chunks of beef in it to. Try it, cheap, clean, usually pretty close to home and convenient and the staff are always helpful and cheerful to.

Mine is James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough.


What a good idea Peter never thought of that I will have to try their sunday food out at mine its not that close for me but worth a try for sure,good thinking batman thanks for that. :) Janexx

It cheered me up to see your positive post LL.So glad you have your appetite

back and things are looking roses again.Onward and upward Jane stay happy("-")D.

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Hello FarmerD how lovely of you to say that has made my day thank-you. :) Yes Im on the up and up and the pain is getting less and less although a tad hurty tonight,I have some chinese oil that my son rubs in for me ,it stinks so we do it in the bathroom and i wear a mask till i cant smell it anymore it feels quite comforting. What about yourself are you keeping well ?Yes onwards and upwards always and keep smiling,again thank-you for your kind words :) Janexx

I,m ok thanks Jane,trying to think about the practicles of getting about,not wanting to be stuck indoors too much but struggling to get very far.Got my wheelchair last week but it,s all hills here so hard work but I,ll get there.Take care.

Im glad your ok FarmerD but understand your struggle with getting about,I hadnt been out for two years until last June/July I was awarded DLA or PIP as it is now ,I got a mobility scooter which ive fondly named Gertie,my life has transformed I have my independance again and have had a lot of fun along the way,I got mine through the motability scheme so there is nothing I need worry about.Would it be possible for you to get one at all? :) Janexx

Next step is the C.A.B. See what they say,waiting to hear about blue badge,fingers crossed.

A good appetite is a sign you are really on the up. Take care not to rush things xx

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Hi Suzy hows you doing? Yes im back on the munch,theres not alot that takes my appetite I love food.Many many years ago I lost control of my life and became anorexic which gave me control so I thought but im pleased to say it only lasted a year I was young and daft and food won the day :p Im looking forward to some good days ahead we are just about through the worst of the cold now /I reckon and hope,gonna get some planting done this year I just love to pick my own veggies etc gives me a real buzz.Be happy stay well now :) Janexx

Doing OK thanks Jane. Bit tired tonight but health wise holding my own. Only had one infection in a year. I like eating home grown veg, but sadly not a gardener. Flowers only for me. I'm a lazy gardener. Hope you're right on the weather. Stay safe take care xx

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How good is that Suzy hope you were laying across some wood when you said that :p

Im a fair weather gardener always have been regardless of lungs,also my youngest boy paved my whole garden about 7 years ago pre empting me not being able to dig and mow lawns and the boys being off and away,so I have pots of all sizes,infact the year before last I counted my pots coz I seemed forever buying soil,I had eighty something pots can you believe stupid woman Iam! so I have cut down now :D see you soon :) Janexx

That's great your appetite is on the increase jane , good sign your on the mend, also very courageous of you to say you struggled with anorexia , that was quite an achievement getting to grips with, I had a rather nice salmon pasta tonight and salad, I'm trying to get to grips with my eating , as I've lost grip if my tummy ! So glad your feeling better jane x x x

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Oh medow that sounds very nice I think I would like that too very much infact.Yes I was pretty barking and bonkers for a while depression can be powerful .Ive learned an awful lot since then and dont twitch to much either lol.Im feeling fairly chipper I have to say thank-you medow and glad to be back on here again with friends.Goodluck with your eating plan,the tummy is where i carry my weight.Are we ever happy with ourselves nah theres always something.Keepwell and be happy im sensing your a bit flat at the mo? :) Janexx

I am a bit flat, wish I could say the same about my tummy ! Feeling resentful about limitations, I'll be off to bed now , x x x sleep tight x x x

You do make me smile medow bless sleep well now :) Janexx

Tad late here with my reply been a biz of late ...but glad to hear your on the up an tucking back into all your fav foods ....best wishes Wes

Hi Jane. HOW WONDERFUL to hear from you again, was a little worried where you had got too after such a long time. SO SORRY to hear you have not been well , was a little off myself last week with a flaire up, Antibiotics and sterioids for the last week or so, seems to have helped. I think about you often. You was the first person I spoke to on the site when I first Health Unlocked. So I suppose your a bit like a first girlfriend that one never forgets At that timeYou was trying to kick the habbit remember ??


I do I do almost 9months now would you believe.Im fine lungs are good at the min have been hit with a bit of depression but I think Im through the worst of it now.Have been doing decorating etc a bit at a time well the boys really I supervise its so frustrating when you cant do the job yourself anymore,never mind we will get there.Sorry to hear that you've not been well yourself do hope your meds have seen the infection off and your now feeling better?Its really nice to hear from you Malk didnt know I was your first :p you keep well now see you soon :) Janexx

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