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Seeing consultant tomorrow

Im seeing consultant tomorrow and im just getting some pointers together to ask him as my last appointment he told me i wasnt asthmatic (have been on asthma meds for 20yrs) and i probably have chronic bronchitis (due to my many chest infections in winter for the last 5 yrs)

My ct was normal my breathing tests although low were within normal . My peak flow is between 200-300 (my normal best is 450) ive been on Doxicyiline 100g and pred steroid 30-20-10-5-2 mg over last few weeks. Consultant wanted me to have had nothing for two weeks prior to appoint tomorrow but last Wed i started again with symptoms of infec so gp told me to re start meds again.

His letter came last week saying i had idiopathic simple bronchitis and needed no steroids and only occasional ab.

My infections never go into my upper airways or right lung only ever go to my left lung - what can i say to him re this? Gp listened to it last week and upper was clear but crackles down on left again. Any advice will be appreciated (im a never smoker and during summer im normally infection free but come autumn winter no matter what wham ) thanks judith xxx

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No words of wisdom for you Judith.

When I start to get an Infection it always starts in My nose and works it`s way down to my left lung.

I saw a doc at the ear / nose and throat and the only comment he could make was " don`t pick your nose" to which I replied " if I was going to pick my nose, I would have picked a better one".

He had no wise cracks to make after that.

Good luck tomorrow, fire all the questions and doubts you have at them so long as you get a good result.



Thank you Tom I certainly will x


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