The old priest

There was in old priest who served his flock for many a long year & having spent his final days in a local nursing home, one day he asked his nurse could she try and contact 10 Downing Street and see if she could get get mr Cameron to come and see him,the nurse duly contacted Downing Street but was thinking to herself that this would be highly unlikely to happen, anyway the request some how gets to the p.m , he in turn contacts his press officer & asks him to arrange a visit to the said priest , thinking that this will enhance his profile as a caring prime minster, better still he would take I.d.s along to raise his profile as someone who cares , so in due course the visit is arranged , the old priest laying on his death bed,greets the pair of them & asks them both if they would each hold a hand either side of his bed, they both think that this will be a massive p.r stunt for them both, once they are holding hands the old priest says loudly, that Jesus died between two lying thieving bastards and he wished to do the same.

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  • Laugh? I nearly had an accident LOL :) x

  • Way to funny thanks for the laugh tigerhouse!

  • If only ! :)

  • That is priceless!!!

  • Oh fantastic

  • Love it. M x

  • Thanks for the laugh, that's brightenened my day

  • Laughed out loud. Lovely on a wet Monday.

  • P.m.s.l that is class, proper banging! Cheers Aidi :-)

  • Made me smile. x

  • Love it

  • Can't speak, still laughing. thankyou.

  • Wow! Now that sounds so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brilliant utterly brilliant . it needs to be sent to ten downing street just to see if it pricks there conscioses .

  • Lol

  • lol excellent - thank you x

  • a cracker,, brilliant:)

  • This was absolutely brilliant! Imagine the look on Cameron's face if this had really happened? I can't stop giggling!xx

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