I don't post anything very often, but, I do enjoy reading the funny stories, this one is true, went to see my dr last week as my blood tests were showing that I was anaemic, he mentioned that I had breathing problems, and asked if I had asthma! Couldn't be bothered to check my records, or was the computer broken! I couldn't wait to leave the surgery, I won't be seeing this dr again.

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  • OMG,did you tell him to go back to medical school& put his glasses on?? Do hope you find a better one,poor girl,hugs xxxx

  • Couldn't wait to get out of the surgery, won't go to see him with any health problems, he obviously didn't know what ILD was short for, thankfully we have a brilliant lady dr who I shall be seeing in future,

  • complain to your local AHA. He's will be getting a salary far higher than most, all paid for by the tax payer. Ask yourself ..... was it value for money.

  • When I asked to be sent to another Hospital 7 miles away as I had very bad experience at the local Hospital I was told by my Dr that beggars can't be choosers,well I gave him a look he won't forget . This is how the Elderly are treated here If I was a bit younger and not so ill I would shame them ......Lola

  • I Know they blame work but really they are too busy being busy when you find one that really cares really cares and interested they generally go the MSF or Red Cross.................two years my GP diagnosed me with hemorrhoids.......It got so bad on holiday that went to see a Dr there he used an anoscope and found a tumor 10 cms from the rectum which the index finger in latex gloves couldnt. operated on within a week it was so bad

  • Hi youngwidow, wish I could say your experience with the doctor was rare but sadly more the norm these days.Last time I wanted to get things sorted I had a double appointment, but even then not all could be sorted in the time, but writing down the main issues you have often helps the doctor.If possible go to the doctor you find easiest to communicate with. Every best wish in finding the best one for you.

  • My neighbour came to visit a couple of months ago, and said, "how long have you been like this". I replied since early morning. I was continually violent coughing, breathless and if I did manage to speak my voice was so weak and hoarse. She was so concerned that she took me to A&E whereupon because my oxygen level was at 95, said there was nothing wrong with me, and I was just a little worked up. He never even examined me. Oh, I was wheezing as well. I was thinking of having it put on my notes that I never wanted to see this doctor at all, under any circumstances whatsoever in the future. I saw a different doctor the next day and was put on antibiotics and steroids as well as a stronger inhaler. These doctors get paid an awful lot of money and seem to do less and less. A lot of what they used to do is passed onto nurses and some of what nurses use to do is passed onto receptionists!! It makes me so angry. The system appears to be geared towards the benefit of the doctors and not the patient. Keep well everyone.

  • Im sorry you had to go thought that, I had something Simla, what it is yours and my sats don't go down until right at the last min 95 or98 levels and then drope fast,refuse to see that doctor again but it must go on your records, I hope your feel better now, keep fighting.

  • Thanks for replying Lyn45. That so called doctor's reputation is awful here and I don't know how he gets away with it. I forgot to mention in my post that I have had asthma for around 10 years and had just been diagnosed with copd. I'm sorry that you also had a similar experience. There are too many of these kind of events happening nowadays. To be balanced about it though, there are a lot of good doctors as well. Trouble is getting to see them because everyone wants them.! Keep well x

  • Hi yes I have asthma too, I have it all my life,when I was about 3 I went into a comer for three days, and I'm still here, still ,so come on you can face it and be strong,

  • It would not take a minute to have a short highlight of our problems. If I have to see a GP I do not usually see, they never know I have paralysed diaphragm or suffer heart problems?

  • I believe the medical records at GPs are all wrong. Like when they ask "are you allergic to ......"?

    It should be flagged up in red on by your name when they open up your pages in their systems. Along with all the ailments diagnosed.

    At the beginning of my lung problems I went in with terrible pain in chest. He dx pleurisy & px strong doses of nurofen plus antibiotics. I thought 'how odd, I have asthma and had an ulcer in the past with many enoscopies on record. Ah well, he's the doctor, he knows what he's doing, perhaps they've discovered Nurofen is ok now'.

    He did say, if it's no better come back in a week.

    Lucky I'm assertive enough to make an emergency appt. because I almost crawled back a week later, he dx pnuemonia. Px Ethromycin. I was too ill to read the leaflet and within days, agonising stomach pains, vomitted 24 hours, could keep nothing down. Apparently my dog was uncharacteristically making a din for hours. The neighbours got in to find me unconsious on my bed, windows wide open in below freezing temprature. Called 999.

    Kingston A&E is another ghastly story and left me thinking I'd rather die than ever go to any A&E ever again.

    At least the same youngish ex army GP mentioned it last month. He was quite ashamed of wrongly prescribing 5 years ago.

    Hopefully it made him a better doctor although the other day he said "now Mrs G, how do you think we should move forward, what did the consultant say"!!

    Apologies for ramble. I'm a strong advocate of being assertive with the medical profession.

    I have a printed list of my history with dates, drugs px etc to take to any new doc or specialist. I got them all off my medical records.

    Our medical records are set out in such a higgledy piggldey way they're impossible.

  • similar thing happened to me. In hospital, I brought my list of drugs at A and E. The A and E doctor omitted the Furosemide. It was reinstated after I clamoured that I had this for several years. I had a job to have it reinstated in my discharge note and they forgot to prescribe it! so I phoned my chemist to ask for a urgent repeat prescription. The chemist first told me; Sorry, but we never prescribed this to you! I emitted a sonorous HEY?? He found it on the list at last!

  • i guess i must be lucky ,my doc will sit and talk to you way over the time allotted for your visit , when i go to see him he will always give his best and ask all sorts of questions

  • I must be very lucky because my doctor is brilliant and the people in the chemist are great, mind you I went for years at my old doctors 32years in fact and they just kept giving my drugs to take and not very interested. But now I have the best

  • After my mom had waited over a week to get an appointment with her lung doctor, (COPD for years, she's almost 87) they called and canceled it yesterday. She had a referral from her primary doctor and he wanted some testing done before he would approve oxygen. Whoever read the referral didn't read it well and signed her up with a consultation with the doctor, not a test with the technician. I am going to have to take her to Urgent Care to get what we need. Even they will need an OK to get O2 so we may end up in the emergency room, which she doesn't want. I don't blame her for that as we usually wait hours upon hours for a doctor to see

    us. I think they just want the elderly to die and get it over with. It's so frustrating. PS I live in the States and you may not be familiar with my terms, so let me know if you need any interruption of my words please. I think an A and E is our Urgent Care????

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