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Can I thank everybody for responding to my question about breathlessness and forgetting things. Although I would never wish this on anybody

I have to admit, knowing I'm not on my own makes me feel I'm not going out of my mind. Thank you all for caring and for your advise, I'm seeing my gp in 2 weeks, in the meantime I think I may phone blf nurse, i'll let you know what she says. All of you take care out there, that smog is spreading across the country. xxxx

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Before diagnosis (when I was at my most breathless and scared) I too thought I was losing my mind. My mind was a sieve. When I went for respitory physio he explained that my breathlessness caused the forgetfulness. I think its quite common. Good luck and definitely speak to a BLF nurse.

marie x

Every time I get exhausted it affects my Mem...... ? wot was I saying ?? ... No joking aside I regularly forget simple things like friends names when I get tired and its frustrating as well as embarrassing !! Keep smiling ...Onwards and !!!!! Plumbob

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