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I just want to thank you for replying to my post which I sent some days ago. I'm sorry for the delay............blasted infection flare-up. Pesky haemophilus. Anyone else have this? All your thoughtful and positive replies cheered me up no end. It's fantastic knowing that there's a family of us bronchiectics out there not to mention everyone else with other lung problems. I feel very supported.

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Do hope you are feeling better now.I am not familiar with that,

But you have my sympathy,take care,love Wendells xxx

Really glad you feel well enough to post fleur, though sorry you have HI. I am colonised with haemophilus and have been for a while now, so don't manage long between infections. Unfortunately I am intolerant to so many abs and the little bs have taken up residence. Hope the abs you are taking do the job for you and send the HI packing.

Love cx

Oh f;eur, I hope you are better soon. No fortunately I don't have "the pleasure" to know this bug. I have enough with pneumonia and pseudomonas! they are with me at the moment. I have this pump of AB that pours AB during 24 hours. On mpnday, the nurse will take it away replacing it with cyprofloxacin. My guts are in jelly! After C-difficile, the nurse told me I was constipated. been on Movicol for 3 days. My guts are in more jelly!!!

hope you are feeling better Hellingmic take care

I feel lucky compared with you> With C difficile are you taking probiotics, either in yogurt or tablets from the health shop. My doctor advised me on this when I had it. Hope you feel much better soon. decidedly NOT pleasant particularly when you are battling with your lungs. All the best.

Thanks Wendell. Cofdrop I'm like you , not much respite between infections AND my blasted consultant told me and wrote it to my GP that it is not worth trying to get rid of HI because it usually colonises the lungs. Does this make sense? surely it's best to at least try and get rid???? I'm confused!

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