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Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension is it a heart or lung problem or both?

I got my letter to my doctor from the Lung consultant at the hospital today. I now have an extra ailment to add!

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: It appears that it should be 25mmHg but mine is 37 to 42 mmHg and his comments are " This could be one of the reasons I am out of breath?" I apparently process my O2 well but I am not getting enough in to process?

Is this a heart or a lung problem? As it seems it will cause Sleep Apnoea which I get from time to time but also Hypoxia at altitude or flying and exercise?

What did annoy me was I told him I was due to see a cardiologist to confirm a date for my Pace and Ablate at the end of March. He has stated that I have had my pacemaker fitted and awaiting an Obaltion ( look it up ;) ) I have told him this twice but he chose not to hear what I was saying but would he not of thought it strange that it did not show up on the chest xray he made me have?

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Not sure if that works the same with restrictive rather than obstructive but if it worked on me it could get it down to 34

I have found this which was interesting



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