Morning all

Hi Folks .I have been reading all your posts & as I said on my first post -I am seeing my consultant on the 18th to get the results of all my tests . ct/scan-Broncoscopy ,xrays. .not sure what in going to hear ,I already have oxygen at home . so just want to stay in touch & will be back on once I know what im dealing with & be picking all your brains no doubt ....stay well ..

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  • Good Morning, The waiting is the worst! It will be easier when you know what you are dealing with. Not long to go now try to put it out of your mind until the 18th. Glad to hear you are seeing a consultant and had so many tests. Wishing you the best of luck TAD xx

  • Bless you fingers crossed take care be safe

  • hope all goes well,x

  • Will think about you,all the very best.x

  • Good luck for the 18th. cx

  • Will be thinking about you, all the best. Cheryl

  • Thankyou everyone .Ill be in touch ...

  • Best wishes Lady !

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