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injections to reduce allergic reaction in asthma

Has anyone any experience of these injections. It was suggested by my consultant for me think about and let him know if I want to try it. The main draw back seems to be that you have to have the injections in hospital and they keep you two hours to see if you react to them adversely. Also that they are every two weeks.

any comments wouldbe much appreciated

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I am assuming that you are referring to Xolair! I was too allergic to be able to have them. Have a couple of friends that did it, their Asthma is no better, but that is not to say that you will not benefit. You are more likely to find a larger group of Asthma Sufferers who have tried this treatment on Asthma UK. I recommend that you join their forum and ask, there you will get a wider range of responses and support.

My personal thoughts though are if the main drawback for you is having them every two weeks and to be kept in hospital for a couple of hours afterwards, isn't it worth a go to find out if it works, a small amount of inconvenience, for what could be a huge improvement in life quality.

Good luck Daxiemad


Hi there many thanks for answering if I was twenty with reasonable lungs I could see it making a difference but I have had asthma since i was two 52 years now my lungs are crap and the injections are likely to be a waste of time. I need to see this a little more positively before I make a decision.


I tend to agree with Daxiemad. You will never know if this could have been beneficial for you if you have never tried it. I hope it goes well when you do,

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I expect I will go with it I was just hoping to hear some positive feed back from this treatment.


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