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today we received in the post a news letter from air liquide advising us that we should inform our home insurance company of the fact that we have one large cylinder ,plus two ambulatory ones in the house, has any one done this & what effect if any did it have on your policy ?, we have already had the local fire brigade around to carry out a safety inspection & they installed two extra smoke alarms free of charge, many thanks in advance for any info.

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  • Yes I did inform my insurers and it didn't affect my policy. M xx

  • Me too tigerhouse. I told both the house and the car insurance people. No extra charge on either policy but it is important to let them know.


  • Hi tigerhouse.

    Glad I read about this. Air liquid didn't say anything to us about telling the house and car insurance people I use oxygen in both. It is probably in their information literature which I haven't read properly as I have the attention span of a gnat!

    Good to know and will get on to them now. Thanks guys! Sara.

  • I also informed insurers and it doesn't affect policy. We have used different insurers in the past and none of them have bothered about it. Popplewell

  • I also informed both home and car didn't affect anything

    Good luck

  • many thanks to everyone,s response's this is what makes this site so important to all of us members, with everyone giving their insight, experience, etc. xx

  • Tigerhouse I could not agree with your last statement more

    What a Godsend this site is...a place where we can ask all those niggly little things that we need to know, but do not want to trouble doctors etc with....but we can ask here, where we all learn & help each other along.

    It has made such a huge difference to my life & my knowledge coming into this site

    Love to you all


  • I informed my insurers and also the local fire service, they will come and see if you need any more alarms, they also like to know in case of an incident. Also inform you power supplier and they will put you on priority in case of power cuts etc. , and the same with your rescue service ie AA or RAC. Keep smiling

    Carole x

  • Also important to get your reduction on electricity costs x

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