Yes the moment has arrived an the results are in ...With much anxiety an being nervous as a bloody kittin spirometry test readings are

Yes the moment has arrived an the results are in ...With much anxiety an being nervous as a bloody kittin spirometry test readings are

FEV1=104....FEV1/ meds required at this stage ... I can't tell you my fellow copd'ers how over the moon I am celebrating with glass or 2... C.T scan still doesn't lie with my condition an either did my spirometry givin that it's my 3 attempt at this...Renewed hope now ...thanks so much to the wonderful support from everyone here last few weeks where I have been up an down like a yoyo... you are all my hero's an I will continue here to support you with all I can ...pls just 1 thing stop the fags ...hugs to all..xx

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  • Awesome news, so happy for you xx

  • Cheers Kad very chuffed ...but complacency is our worst enemy ...need to keep up the rage with this copd thingy ...hugs Wes xx

  • Good news I am so happy for you.


  • Cheers Bethan xx

  • Great news woop woop! stay well and happy! :) xxx

  • Cheers huffer xx

  • Thats great xx

  • Thanks McNally

  • Good News, Eat well, keep fit and look after yourself.

    polly xx

  • Thanks Polly xx

  • Hi Jettace, that's brilliant news, keep up the good work.



  • Cheers Keith ...

  • Great news xx keep well and be careful in public afeas get some handwipes and first defence spray for going in public areas . Best wishes Judith x

  • Ta Judith got it xx

  • Pleased for you Jettace and anxiety and be as much an issue as the diseases ..peace of mind is a wonderful thing...Stay positive...plumbob

  • Hello Jettace, lovely to read your message. Yes , this is a good site, lots of friendly people and advice and support. I have found its helped me. I stopped smoking a year ago, after 40 years of it, and I feel Much better, (have copd), I can walk and walk and walk now, and enjoy food more, and don't have bad chest infections or coughs. I wish you all the best.

  • Great news. Keep doing whatever it is your doing. Enjoy your glass or two. X

  • Really pleased for you Jettace, onwards and up now Lad.take care x

  • great stuff !!!!!!

  • Hello Wes whoopwhoop fantastic news,thats what you call a good fev1 oh my brilllliant!! Iam so made up for you im raising my coffee cup to you happydays.The weight has been lifted for you get back on with life and young family now.As you say you have your diagnosis so keep on doing what you are and you wont go far wrong.See you soon. :) Janexx

  • Hey Jane ...yeah I'm so happy I thought it was a mistake when that reading come thru...funny thing was they gave me some meds to see if I could improve it an meds reading was worse than me normal breath lol...anyway thanks so much for last few weeks with all your support an humour u have no idea how much it's meant to me along with all the other fine souls here doesn't matter my reading or anyone else's

    coz we are all in this together an only people with copd understand what it's like to have sure Jane if I'm ever in London I'll be lookin you up for a double on that mod mobile of yours ...lots of hugs Wes xx

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