For All visiting BLF

For All visiting BLF

The site is for YOU :) , For everyone visiting the BLF community. So welcome and enjoy your time here. :)

If you have a lung condition, if you are a carer, family member or friend of someone with a lung condition this community is for YOU. There are many members here with many different diagnosed lung illnesses, all have many different experiences and tips to share and help ease the difficulties that we encounter living with a lung condition. The community is here to help support each of us and so I hope everyone who visits here will find the help and support they are looking for. We have among us those who come to share their invaluable experiences which are of great help to so many. Just by sharing and caring we find we have an invaluable place of support in the BLF Community.

If you are wishing to discuss lung related issues or just to say Hi :)

The search box top right is helpful if looking for something in particular.

If you are new and having difficulty finding your way around check -

How to navigate, post replies, create a post, ask a question and much much more please view the Help pages;

Looki up to the green band above click on the word 'Help'

then look on the left for the sub title 'Connect' (under the title 'Browse by Topic")

Wishing YOU and ALL a breathing easy day.

Best wishes BC

PS Spring is in the Air today Enjoy :)

PPS The British Lung foundation Helpline; click on the red balloon top right, the helpline is open normal working week days from 10am to 5pm. BLF home page link (also accessible by clicking on the red balloon top right.

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  • Well said Blakey. so true, all different but one cause. wonderful post.

  • Thank you

  • Good one, Blake. Alison

  • Beautiful picture Blakey, and very helpful information. Thank you.

  • Thank you


  • thank you

  • Thank you bc

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