P.I.P Claim - Update!!!

Well, after almost 9 months since registering my claim for P.I.P, 8 months since sending the forms off - and 7 months since the face-to-face assessment, I can report that following yet another follow-up call on my claim, I was told today that my case is closed and that the report has now (finally) been forwarded to the DWP.

If you have followed my posts on this saga, you will know how frustrating this whole experience has been. I have called regularly for updates and been given the same range of 6 excuses each time. In January I met with my local MP who wrote to CAPITA, and as late as Tuesday this week, talking to Complaints who promised to get back to me (the didn't!!) I was still no wiser to where the claim was at.

I was told today that an electronic report was sent to DWP yesterday, with paper copy to follow, and that it 'should' take 4 weeks to get the decision. I'll believe that when I see it!!! Hopefully I won't have to wait another 9 months for them to do the job they're paid for. Yes or no, I just want a decision and can't believe it has taken this long (maybe longer if more than the 4 weeks)....

Stay tuned for the final result - if you can wait that is!

Jean :-)

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  • Jean i cannt believe that such a straightforward task has taken this amount of time!!! What on earth do they think people are living

    On??? No wonder the country is in such a state ....and if it was their buisness im pretty sure it wouldnt take that amount of time either . Good luck xxx judith

  • Supportive group certain on waiting with one of its own

  • This is an disgraceful situation. I hope it can be resolved quickly for you.

  • This outrageous Jayenne, I do hope it will be resolved very soon. I can't imagine how frustrated you must be. Kalliope

  • Hang in there, you may end up with a place in the Guinness book of Records! x

  • Good grief Jayenne 'who are these people!!!' An absolute disgrace,they dont give a fig about us mere humans waiting and worrying! Very glad you have your mp on side adds a little clout to the issue! I wont hold my breath whilst waiting eh? Do hope they get a move on soon for you grrr. :) Janexx

  • I filled in my pip forms 7 months ago,,phoned atos last week and they have not recieved them yet,,no surprise there,,will phone dwp monday and see where they are,,,

  • ATOS Giving up on DWP Cases :-http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/atos-victims-call-immediate-halt-3171692

  • Lol at the Guiness Book of Records comment... I bet I make it!

    Yes, frustrated or worse is probably the best way to describe how I have felt over these last almost 9 months. What made me angrier last week was that after speaking to complaints that I'd still not heard anything following the letter they'd received from the MP, even they didn't return my call as promised - on 3 occasions. So who the hell do you complain to when complaints aren't even doing their job properly?!

    With ATOS jumping ship, it does make me wonder whether it's all just too much for these people. Yet what about us, the one's who are waiting for help? I struggle with my health let alone the meagre amount I reluctantly, yet realistically have to accept from the government (I have no guilt as I paid my way through life - don't like it, but what option do people like us have?)

    It's hard, really hard to try and manage on ESA alone. I live on my own and have to make sure I have enough to eat and keep me warm. Sometimes I have to let the odd D/D slip just so that I can get by... my condition dictates that I need more help. If I get it (although I am expecting a no based on last weeks statistics released on those PIP claims rejected since June 2013), it will help me immensely - but I will be one of the lucky ones.

    I wonder just how many people may have passed away already before getting any kind of acknowledgement or result from their claim. Had I been so ill, that could have been the case...

    Makes you wonder doesn't it. I will still contemplate going to the press about this once it's all completed - if it ever is! Just to raise even more awareness of this ridiculous system.

    Jean :-)

  • We should all go to the press together I thought it was Just me they are ignoring but obviously not.

  • How awful for you and I hope you get your award ....ive got my home visit next week and am dreading it....fingers crossed

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