wheels in motion

afternoon everyone x I wrote 2 months ago about the council n how we were waitin for accommodation due to my hubbies ill health . well we still haven't moved but the lovely social worker from hospital has got the wheels in motion . my husband has been put on the active list for a transplant . so im hoping we will get a nice cosy accommodation to help take strain off him its a sad sight watching him struggle with his bathing ect . so please keep your fingers crossed for us / just hope no one puts the brakes on lolo x x x

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  • Nice to hear good news chrissyk. Fingers are crossed. x

  • That`s good to know that Hospital Social Worker is pushing for you.

    I hope they manage to move things along quickly for you both.

    Will pray for a speedy outcome for you.


  • Thats wonderful,seems that you have the right people on your side,you well deserve it.

    Good luck,& let us know when you get some good news,hope hubby is copeing ok,

    Love Wendells xxx

  • thank you x x

  • Keeping fingers crossed for you, hopefully your new home will have a wet room making things so much easier for hubby and yourself.

    Best wishes BC

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