Pulmonary Wellness webinar tonight

I don't know if anyone else has signed up for this but I haven't seen it mentioned here. If you're interested it's on tonight, Weds, at 10.45pm ( yes, late and it's for two hours but you might be looking for something to pass the time!), coming from New York but I have confirmed with them that is the correct time for UK ( 5 hour time difference). You need to put in PulmonaryWellness.com to register, and they promise it will be worth our while. Questions, comments and feedback go to noah@pulmonarywellness.com.

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New York are not the same as in England

Hi Cressie I have registered, I'm interested to know what other countries are doing. Could do with a bit of inspiration.

Thanks Nannyb xx

Thanks Nannyb, me too. can always press the off button! xx

Thats a bit of a flippant reply morse,,,of course New York is not the same as England,,but COPD is the same all over the world,,who knows what they come up with,,might be something useful, you never know

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