Dogs Party

The dogs all had a party

They came from near and far.

Some dogs came by taxi

And some dogs came by car.

Each dog signed his name

Upon a special book

And each dog hung his Backside

Upon a special hook.

One dog was not invited,

And this aroused his ire.

He stormed into the party

And loudly shouted "FIRE!"

In the scene that followed,

The dogs forgot to look

And grabbed just any Backside

From off of any hook.

And that is why when dogs roam

On land or sea or foam,

They sniff each others' Backside s,

To try and find their own!

20 Replies

It's all true hee hee

Doubly loved it because I laughed and didn't cough my head off when I did. :)

Great. Can't stop laughing. Hubby wants to know why.

Good, I laughed at that!

Wonderful!!! :) :) :)

That was brilliant. Very funny. Xx

Loved it


I've always wondered why they do that He He :)

Perhaps that's why my three dogs are always washing theirs, in case they've got to hand it in!!!

Hahaha, well funny Lurcherman. x

Arf arf!!

Made me and the wife laugh out loud.

brilliant and please keep them coming.

Oh brilliant, did you write this??

No I found it browsing on the net ages ago ;-((

lol thank you xx

ha ha ha, I've heard a version of this before lurcherman. brilliant.

Loved it Lurcherman, had to print it out and let the family see what I was laughing at. Cheryl

Very good

Very good

That was good Lurcherman.

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