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Well today i managed to go and see my lovely horses ....due to been on house rest for this lung for weeks now it was fantastic just to have a cuddle with my lovely girl who i hadnt seen since xmas...she gave me a lovely big whinny. Im back to gp tomorrow for check up on latest as thursday had crackles in left lung so sixtg round of antib and steroids. Good news is my appointment for chest clininc at rvi is in two weeks .....hoping this second opinion can answer some questions and i get a treatment plan ....its easy for gp to say you cant have more steroids as bad for you ...yes i know that but so is not being able to breathe what choice do i have

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  • It was fab i dont know how to post pics here ...im on 30mg per day for seven days this is my sixth lot ....i know there not good but at mnute i have nothing else tgat works inhalers are maxed but no difference at all . Thanks judith x

  • That's great you got out to see your horses tigershay, so pleased for you.

    I'll be keeping fingers crossed all goes well with your checkup appointments and you can get something sorted with a good treatment plan that is going to help you breathe easier.

    Best wishes to you. keep in touch.


  • Glad to hear that you got to the horses. So difficult with the steroids - my husband has had similar problemsTAD xx

  • It must have been marvelous to see your horse again,I bet she missed you too,they are so intelligent.

    Do hope your appt. @ chest clinic goes well,good luck with it,

    Love Wendells xx

  • Thank you xxx

  • Good to hear you got to see you're best Pals!

    Hope you feel better soon x

  • It was fab my lovely girl gave me a huge whinny ...im not to good today but not long till my appointment with chest consultant. Gp has put me on maintanence dose antibiotics and steroids untill im seen ...she also said shed pop and see me if need so i dont have to go to centre . Thank you judith x

  • Glad you're keeping positive about it x Hope you're better soon x

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