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Cough and phlegm vomit coupled with loss of appetite


i am 30, male. also i am smoker and an alcohol consumer.

i smoke about 12-15 cigarettes a day

drinking is at max 3 times a week and sometimes very heavy (around 9-10 pegs).

i even smoke pot (almost daily) at night after dinner.

also i have a serious dust allergy in which i am advised to use inhalers on SOS basis. (Asthalin based inhalers available locally under Ranbaxy brand names of Budeocort and Serflo)

from the past 15 days i am having bouts of cough (generally right after the first smoke i have 15-20 mins after dinner) that make me breathless and red in the face. this happens for about 15-20 mins and generally during night. the only way i can rid myself of this is by inducing a vomit and the vomit is full of phlegm. everything returns to normal after that. Phlegm is colorless (white and bubbly) but ample in quantity (almost 70-80 ml though i have never measured it). i feel very normal after that with a little bit of coughing throughout the night. during the day i will cough only once or twice during the day without any phlegm.

i visited a GP and he advised me Erythromysin 500 for 5 days and a cough syrup (brycarex A) containing Guaifenesin

and Terbutaline Sulfate. I spoke with him today and he further advised me a course of Acebrophylline (brand name Ab Phyllini) along with same cough syrup.

It is also mentionable that i am having a serious loss of appetite from the past 3 days.

pls advise

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You have to hold onto your health when you have it at least ways you will be sober enough for that been obvious I was not dry long enough when the warnings were out there. A cliff edge keep going and you go right over a bad place if you survive the drop trust me I live with the results of doing what you are an more it aint good. Choose a better way be kind on yourself dont follow me down a dead end.


wow used to party in chelsea in the 70s place called cafe des r dees (not spelt right ) and the birds nest ..had forgot about them places lol


Listen to your body, stop smoking and cut back on the booze!


You know the answer don't you. The problems you are having means if you carry on you will most likely be on oxygen and unable to do much within the next ten year. Believe me at such a young age it is not a nice way to be. And then if you continue down the road of smoking a joint a night, fags, and getting boozed out your skull. Well I am probably the only one that will tell it straight. That will be the time to make friends with your maker. Two choices. carry on as you are and face the pain or the end well before time. Or make a change and start to get better :) I wish you well and hope for your sake you go for the latter....


my reply is simple and i know that you will ignore it but i will tell you just STOP SMOKING . you will take no notice i know that but please stop you will feel a whole lot better.


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