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Afternoon everyone

I know this isn't exactly our subject but with everyone and their vast knowledge just thought someone can throw some light.

My sister has Pulmonary Artery Disease, she had some blood test because she had indigestion problems etc the test say her white blood count is rising and has done slowly over ten years, her GP said he really doesn't know what it means but has been told to keep an eye. Two days later she's received a letter for an appointment with a consultant in hematology.

Kim xxxxx

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  • Kimmy 59, hi to you, would have thought pulmonary artery disease would be something to do with the arteries that flow to the lungs or there blood supply. haematologists specialise in blood abnormalties. That's about the best info I can offer best wishes to you and your sister hope the appointment is soon x

  • Thank you for that, I was just trying to find something as this letter came out the blue doctor never mentioned any appointment, so my sisters freaking a bit.

    Happy christmas and a healthy New Year to you.

    Kim xxxx

  • Her GP is doing the right thing. He has noticed from her blood tests that she has an elevated WBC and he isn't sure what that means. So he asks for help from an expert on blood conditions - a haematologist. This is good as it means her GP is on the ball. Try not to worry it could be lots of things I am sure.

  • Thanks for your reply. She saw her GP the other day he said he wasn't sure what it was but he was just going to monitor it, he never mentioned referring her it's just come out the blue.

    Kim xxx

  • He will have just reflected on it and decided to ask a specialist for advice. Sometimes we get frustrated by GP's who don't ask for another opinion. This one is doing his job well. Try not to worry. Its good that her appointment has come through quickly.

  • Your right of course never thought of that, I've tried to reassure her everything will be ok, and the appointments not until February.

    Kim xxxx

  • Hi Happyfeet, Keep supporting and comforting your sister. If the appointment is in February that means the consultant thinks it's not urgent. Trust the consultant.

    Is your sister in pain? Can she have pain killers? You could talk to your pharmacist to ask about this.

    Keep your calm and hers in her bad patch.

  • She struggles a little with walking, but she's been getting this indigestion thing that he gave her medication for now she's getting a pain that goes through her shoulder. Xxx

  • HI all nice to hear from you all:) so people who have IPF could also have this problem to look out for then?

  • I really couldn't say I've never heard of her illness before, I was just hoping someone would know something.

    Kim xxx

  • I agree with happyfeet hun. My GI con found a prob with blood and as he said they have a duty of care to refer you to haem. Things turned out fine. Does look like after your sis left the surgery he decided he should get haem opinion, which is a good thing.

    Good luck

    love c

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