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Sleep Fairy (if only)

Sleep Fairy (if only)

She sits on my pillow and waves her wand

and off I drift to a dreaming land,

where my world is pink and full of flowers

and I wander through meadows for hours and hours.

When I wake up to face a world

that's full of worries that are soon unfurled,

I long for the night, when sleep comes again

and I can forget this wretched pain.

So blessed sleep fairy, don't go away

Just live on my pillow, please, please stay.

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Lovely poem like your picture too.


Lovely to read. The sleep fairy can come and visit any time. Never sleep through the night, and then get woken up by the "loo"


Delightful poem - my sleep fairy has to double as a day fairy and to be honest, she is obviously awake all night and not much use as a day one LOL :)


If I saw a fairy, I wouldn't want to go to sleep. I would want to speak to it all night! Thanks for the charming picture and poem.


Lovely! x


Sleep fairy please come for a visit

I promise to share my horlicks and biscuit

For one night only

Promise no balony

Then off you can flutter

away from this nutter

to Kath once again

to sleep and forget her pain

hope you dont mind Kath can I borrow her? haha :) Janexx


A lovely fairy tale



That was so sweet Poemsgalore. I loved it. X


Lovely poem.

Can she come and live on my pillow please.

Blast these steroids. :( :(



I'm sure she has sisters, but I've found ALL sleep fairies to be a bit temperamental!! Wishing you all a good night's sleep tonight.

BTW Jambo, what time of day do you take your steroids. When on chemo we were advised to take our steroids in the morning or at least before 2pm, or we wouldn't sleep - not that we slept much anyway!! xx

Kath xx


Another absolutely delightful poem :) Thank you for sharing your sleep fairy :) x


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