DIY stem cell therapy WELL as near as .. Asbestosis ARDS Spesis Shock Acidosis Bronchial Sepsis

DIY stem cell therapy WELL as near as  .. Asbestosis ARDS Spesis Shock Acidosis Bronchial Sepsis

Anyway Ye Sorry. Yep today is all about asbestosis sepsis ards spesis shock bronchial sepsis infections inflammation repair and DIY stem cell therapy

Being a member of the so called un educated classes.

As put me at a sort of advantage witch makes a change ... As i was wondering why if our lungs are skin why is it so hard to fix them etc ... Nieve i know.

As you will know am suffering from infection's and it is that .. that is going to do for us BUT main culprit is called a fibroblast our own bodies over inflamation inflammatory reaction thus causes damage to lung tissue to start.

Sepsis and associated fibrosis can by all accounts resolve on its own but is down to other factors.

Am talking about unresolved sepsis .. acidosis ards asbestosis etc.

There as been some debate about CF Patients geting better treatment than none CF patients and a can say that is not the case

Anyway as you will see in my pic that orange brown staining is a fibroblast basacliy that is lung disease in a nut shell.

But as some will know a try to find out what is going on and mercanics of my lung disease in hope of finding information and even a cure.

Thus far all illness i have mentioned start end with inflammation ... what triggers it is anyones idea and open to speculation.

Looking into subject of this post there is lots of ongoing research into stem cells and pluripotent skin lung cells responsible for inflammation fibroblasts.

Now where i say about DIY STEM CELL THERAPY as vitamin C as been seen to restore help lung skin cells to be none destructive and return to normal function basicaly fibroblast hate the stuff

Now as well as me taking B12 looks like i will need to take Vitamin C given my condion ... Also there is promising developments on inhalers front as there is research being carried out on effectiveness of a vitamin C inhaler and CF patients

Sorry about my ramblings just tad excited ... dont forget views here are based on my own condition findings searches ... And you should always seek advice from a health care profesional or gp

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  • Agree with you there .. I asked neurologist about iron ad said is not going into it as is very complex business

  • That's a really interesting read Daz. I truly admire your strength of purpose in searching out information the could help on your journey.

    What's your next move, are you going to take more Vit C?

    I recently bought slow release Vit C - because your body doesn't store it - in the hope it will keep my immune system tip top. Perhaps it will also promote healing in my lungs too. We live in hope.

    Thanks to you I'm taking extra B12 and D3 plus Mucodyne & Montelukast from GP plus done PR and been infection free for 7 months. I don't know which of those has helped on the infection front but i will continue with them all.

    I'm having my 1st infection since April and it's not the chronic debilitating kind it used to be which fills me with hope - this time last year I was thinking up ways to end it all - result :)

    Keep at it Daz, all the best to you xxx (ps in no way am I comparing my piddley little problems with yours).

  • Hi peeg yep a will be taking vit C and to be fair chemist said a should be having it to but that was a bit ago ... a just dismissed it like really thats going to save me

    but look what am talking about now.

    Yep vit C for me and will not be taking multi vitamins as could react with antibiotics.

    Glad ya feeling more positive

    Cheers al the best :)

  • Take a view on when vit C toxic acid overload skin comes from vit K on stem cell therapy home project in lab test picture above.

    Show results soon showing more folks follow a winning result hands on taking control of sickness.

  • Hi coors cheers

  • Thanks so much for posting this interesting article. I used to take Vit C but have to take so many pills etc now I stopped.....think I will start taking some Vit C tablet again. Can you recommend which one? should I just take a multi vitamin or a special Vit C one on its own

  • Agree stich but On issues of vitamins yep defo stick to C as multi vitamins might react with antibiotics ..


  • Hi stitch cheers am not a fan of B complex i only take B12

    Ye have heard about yeast stuff but never tried it .. Have read quite a bit about vitamin C and sounds promising

  • Hi stitch i hate to say it but yep women are quite resilient to emphysema why even i dont know but yep B vitamins are important am not up on men women but i take b12 as you can become deficient guts stop processing vits from food and that could be cause of lung diease ...

    Cheers :)

  • Women gladiators yumi how could i forget :)

  • Yep thay was if only i could turn clock back .. esp given what i know now

  • Luckily I take most of my oral meds at night except the Mucodyne but my poor stomach takes a beating so I take a stomach friendly Vit C at night and a slow release one in the mornings, via post from Healthspan at the grand cost of £1.50 per week.

    I get other Vits n supplements for the dog and myself from them too.

    Thanks for that tit bit about multivitamins. I be on antibiotics tomorrow so will leave it out. X

  • Cheers ye am going to be getting my supply vit C tomoz .. Am on drosacilin antibiotic well somthing like that .. But to be honest after a coughed up that load of fibers my chest as been terible hope its not scar tissue forming .. But yep wishing you well cheers all the best :)

  • Been un educated class me self is the speel about take vitamin tablets most of the science is gobbledeegook for lung doctors studying keeps me busy just breathing

  • Yep its old story with docs might be experts in one subject but not on others

    Having grasp of bigger picture with out worrying about standing on other specialist toes is all ways a plus

    Joint up thinking is defo needed as regard medical profession .. i just feeling there fixated on one subject and way of thinking

    Going threw the motions at our cost

  • Hi dazisnotsogood really interesting read .Your head must be so full of good info and the opposite I so admire you keeping everything in some kind of order up there in your grey matter,I do so enjoy to read your posts as it gets my grey cells working to.You are so right doctors do not treat us as a whole do not connect the dots with other docs and relate they are so pomperse ,I think the younger generation will be far better with this,it doesnt make sense so simple but so complicated! so stupid!,It is a sad thing that a wholesem healthy diet is so important why is this such big news how terrible! We can send man and woman into space how clever to have achieved that but we have children that think chips grow on trees??!! People must tell their docs when taking supplements and vitamins first.Iwas put on B6 was lacking so trebled the dose thinking i'd help it on its way its only a vitamin I was taken into hospital,Iwas shaking from top to toe heart racing with the worst pain in my head. :) Janexx

  • Hi longlungs yep joint up thinking is needed and perhasp better diet.

    as we all know that is only part of issues that can effect health

    Glad you find my post intresting cheers wishing you all the best

  • Yer as with anything you do have to be careful ... Thats why i dont take vitamins unless needs must.

    B12 help me sweat out my CO2 .. And vitamin C i hope is going to cure me ... and if ever i get acid reflux be a job for tap water PH of 8.5

    Is complex business a suppose thats why have killer headache now ... In process of checking blood pressure

    Plus side is my chest is not hurting know coughed up more lung tissue :)

    Cheers :)

  • Cheers stitch yer all have a look .. Ye not on antidepressants yet

  • Hi Daz, very interesting reading and I also think you make some good points. I hope you can come up with something great for yourself and who know, others too. The fight goes on and wishing you well. xxxxxx

  • Hi sassy59 cheers

  • Vitamins can be a real nightmare some we are okay with no matter how much we take others we can store and cause problems some are a total waste of time even taking.

  • Defo agree with u there offcuts but think ones am taking well hope will be doing somthing .. Ad have microscope to check progress

    Cheers : )

  • be well m8 I know you are having some battles at the moment

  • Cheers is a pain .. As cant giv my lungs a slap av to do next best thing and give those in athourty S### surpose that younger genaration thing.

    But ye not to bad today thinks its all lose bit of lose lung tissue been coughing up jaming my pipes up

    Did read is quite normal to cough up lung tissue but its geting up thats pain some time my lung feel like the curled up

    Do you ever get that feeling in ya guts

    Anyway cheers hope you doing well fella thanks :)

  • Cant see any missising but have seen other missing but BLF are updating site as that box under my post was at bottom .. To be fair is better to keep it up than take it down .. and have seen comments return

  • Had my own today know like a was talking about my blood pressure .. Well had right pain in my lung then coughed up more lung tissue .. Cant realy seem ti find any thing out as to why .. Anyway hope better

    Cheers :)

  • Yep A Working On That As We Speak .... To Be Honest Just Hope B12 And Vic C Are Doing Tad More .... Cause Dont Think My Doctors Know Or If Thay Do The Not Telling Me ....

    What Am A Saying Thay Wont Know Because Thay Refuse To Look At My S### Unless Its Been Pathology Tested

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