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Oxygen retainer

I have just come out of hospital after being treated for infections in my lungs, bladder,and sinuses ..lost my voice too.....don't do things by halves. Trying new AB now as other didn't work, so still feel rough

Question is what is an oxygen retainer? I was asked if I was one when my SATS went right down after having a nebuliser through oxygen...I felt ok, but it took a time for levels to rise again

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Hello knitter I am not very sure of this but I think the usual thing is Carbon Dioxide retainer this is the gas that we should be breathing out when Oxygen is what we have a problem of breathing enough in.

Please check this with a health professional as I am only trying to help with a poor memory for what the nurses and doctors have told me. Contact your doctor if things do not improve for you as I hope they will very soon.



I haven't heart of an oxygen retainer. But I have been asked if I am a carbon dioxide retainer. Seems it can be dangerous in some circumstances to be a CO2 retainer. My oxygen nurse said I would know if I was a CO2 retainer. They check CO2 levels carefully when prescribing oxygen.


Sounds like you had sinobronchial or sepsis very nasty infection .. That would be in keeping with your symptoms problems .

I think thay was talking about Co2 retainer as far as oxygen or thay would not pf give you any i would think


Thanks daz, hospital said I had all the symptoms of sepsis, still feel rough


Cheers hope you over worse now .. Have to try and be positive was reading government report on CF patients and was quite disgusted thay was talking about puting some in isolation .. anyway i have there backs so dont have to worry about daft goverment nutty professors


Link here from a previous post Knitter that gives a good explanation. Sadie x

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Hi Sadie1951 I will check out the link.....thanks


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