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HEALTHUNLOCKDERS~~~ ADVENT 8~~~ Traditional Christmas Pudding

The tale of the Traditional Christmas Pudding

Martha decided to move with the times and try the delights of microwave cooking.

Where upon, her devoted husband Archie went out and bought the latest model microwave oven.

Christmas approached and Martha got out her Christmas pudding ingredients.

She proceeded along traditional lines and got the family to stir the coin into the mixture for luck.

When Martha consulted the microwaves manual she could not believe that ten minutes would be enough for a traditional Christmas pudding ,she decided to substitute her normal cooking time of 50minutes.

As Martha was in the lounge watching her favourite TV programme she did not see the pudding spitting in the microwave oven, nor did she hear the mini explosions. When she finally extracted the pudding from the microwave after nearly an hour of cooking, it smelt of burnt sugar and looked like a ball of tar. Naturally, the Christmas pudding was a disaster, so much so ,that Martha could not even prod it with a fork. In fact it had stuck to the bottom of the bowl and Archie had to get a screwdriver to prize it from the base.

In a fit of pique, Martha threw the shrivelled Christmas pudding to Togo, her St Bernard, she could see the funny side, and Togo loved his new indestructible toy which caused amusement all over Christmas.



God rest ye merry gentlemen



Last year's Christmas pudding was so awful

I threw it in the ocean.

That's probably why the oceans full of currants !




Enjoy the festivities at you local Breathe Easy group

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Case of all is not lost, the dog had Christmas fun. Nice one KOTC




Every cloud has a silver lining when a silver coin is in the mixture.


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Sixpence,I don't know what coin they use nowadays


Unfortunately I can do this without even trying which is why my OH insists I buy ours from M&S lol Juliexxx


M&S very good puds


The last one I made even the birds couldn't eat. I gave up then. I can make a lovely Christmas cake in fact I made four this year. I used to make six. I can't make Christmas pudding though. I hang my head in shame. I loved your Christmas cracker one. Thanks King.


Poor birdies!


Hi King. I don't think they appreciated the effort I made making it.


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